• Asst Manager, Union Bank

Miracle Tests!

Hi, I am Indu Krishnan L, A student of Campus, Kayamkulam. I remember my very 1st day in campus … I had a dream but was confused and least confident …I remember the interview I had with Santosh sir before joining… he said two things are important a strong goal and a strong and focused preparation to it. Somewhere down the lane sir might have understood the least confident Indu in me and there he said “don’t worry, you will get all help here you need to study the way I tell you and there you will sure get it” and ya, Finally, it has come true. yes, I am overjoyed on earning my success…I had lot of limitations while joining. I was already working so I was in Sunday batch and that meant I would get less classes. I was depressed in one side. but Sir is like an energy booster... he made me understand my limitation and tackle it with double effort... Today if I had achieved a post as a PO, I would say apart from God Almighty and my parents, the credit goes to my Sir and his institute... the focused study materials that Campus provided did most of part. You get a lot of competitive exam-oriented magazines in market, but what is different is focus on what you want for your test... most of the time magazines are lengthy and not precise, but booklets which sir provide on GK and computer are up to the point … and that’s why he confidently says “you just study the material I give” ya it’s a complete planner…now how can I forget the speed tests!!!!! I was too slow in my Maths and used to say to Sir all the time, that I fear I would lose there. I was worried and used to ask him whether I need to work out some other things too ...but there also he used to say “No, just workout the tests I provide “ya it’s a miracle I would say, speed automatically builds up in you while you do several speed tests… and such hard tests he provides, that you would never worry or fear seeing original test!!!!! It’s nice to set goals or to have ambitions but that alone is not enough, what is important is regular and focused preparation and proper guidance and after reading what I said, you know if bank exam is your target then where your destination should be!!! ~Indu Krishnan L (Assistant Manager, Corporation Bank)

THAMBURU Vallikunnam

  • Administrative Officer, UII

Smart Practices Make Man Perfect

Everyone has a dream…. After my graduation mine was getting a job. After my I have tried to get job, and got offer from some BPO’s, but I was not willing to do those.. Of course life has its own up and downs. At that time Prathap chetan told me about ‘CAMPUS’. Finally, I got into Campus, where I have learned how to crack competitive exams. Yes, I agree, everyone can do that, but how to prepare for that… I think that is more important. Campus is not only a coaching Centre, where we get career guidance too. The Centre pillar of Campus, Mr. Santhosh Sir, our teacher, mentor, motivator, Guru enlightened our mindset and thoughts, in order to get prepared for exams. His classes increased our confidence, which some of us lack in life. Friends am saying, he is such a great person who helped us really a lot to achieve our goal. Practice makes man perfect, but I Would like to say it as ‘Smart practices make man perfect’. Obviously, what we get from Campus is that “SMART PRACTICES “to compete. I have attended many mock interviews, practice tests, speed tests, classes in campus, which made me United Indian (UIICL). Thank you, Sir, for your great support and guidance. I am proud to say that, if I were not in Campus, I would not get this job…. True from Heart. Friends, opportunities are everywhere, it is the right time to recognize them. Be a part of our Campus’s success story; Grab your opportunity to get placed!!!!~Thamburu (Administrative Officer, United India Insurance)

AKHIL S NAIR Vallikunnam

  • Union Bank of India

From Unemployed to Bank Officer

I joined campus with just an B A in English language and literature. The initial days was really hard. But somehow, I managed it. By small steps and constant guidance, I started to pick up. The first exams were just satisfactory. But when I checked the marks, I got in each exams the marks were increasing. In 2013 November RRB results were declined, I got both RRB clerks, PO. Later IBPS PO and clerks’ results declared, I cleared both and appeared for interview. In April 2014 I was selected as Assistant manager of union bank of India. I got job only due to my perseverance and confidence building words of Santhosh sir which kept me to work until I succeed. Being from non and commerce background I got this job. If I can achieve anyone can achieve with patience and hard work. ~AKHIL S NAIR (Union Bank of India)


  • Assistant Manager, SBI

How Campus was Helpful to me

Campus helped me to step forward in my life. While preparing for competitive exams, a perfect assistance is needed for increasing speed and confidence in writing examinations. I have chosen campus and it proved that my choice was correct, as I'm working as a probationary officer in SBI now. Time bounded exams in a daily basis helped me very much in increasing speed. Also, we can understand our strengths and weaknesses and can improve accordingly. The Centre provides very simple short cut methods for quantitative aptitude and reasoning. The general awareness, computer and marketing modules provided are more than adequate. Thus, if there is a willing mind and the assistance of campus, we can achieve what we desire, as in my case. :) ~ Aswathy Sudevan (Assistant Manager, State Bank of India)


  • RBI

Practice Makes It Perfect

Cracking a bank exam never seemed to be a herculean task for me ever since I joined Campus. Coaching in Campus helped me to formulate effective strategies to approach these highly competitive exams with confidence. The personalized care and attention from the institute helped not only to overcome my weak points but also to strengthen my comfort areas while preparing for the examinations. Daily test practices in an exam like environment, Classes on quick and easy methods for Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning, special focus on developing English language skills, helped me to become a banking professional. The study materials from the institute were really helpful in updating General Awareness. Special attention of the institute in developing a right kind of attitude proved to be beneficial in the Interviews as well. Thus, my success story is not different from others. It is made up of the very similar elements like right guidance, smart work, support from family and friends and above all God’s Grace. ~Nithya Mohan (RBI)

ANUSHA Kayamkulam

  • Kerala Grameen Bank

A Dream Comes True

Hai, I am Anusha from Kayamkulam. I have been working as an office assistant in KGB at Kattanam. Now I am selected as officer scale- one of the same banks. The victory of my life is closely associated with a bank coaching centre named "Campus". it moulds my life as a banker. I came to Campus with a dream to become a bank employee. Now it comes true. I had some limitations, but I worked hard as per the instructions and study materials provided by our Santhosh Sir. I am a Graduate in Commerce. Maths was a tough subject to me. Regular test papers improved my speed and mock interviews conducted by Santhosh Sir increased my confidence so that I could easily handle the questions of interviewers without any fear. I am always thankful to Campus and our Santhosh Sir. I wish all success and pray to the almighty to bless the institution and its future bankers. Anusha (Kerala Grameen Bank)

HAREESH M S Harippad

  • Kerala Grameen Bank

Guidance is Valuable

Let me express my sincere gratitude to Mr.Santhosh sir and Campus Kayamkulam for the valuable guidance given to me in succeeding 3 bank tests and got appointment as Assistant Manager (pr) in Kerala Gramin Bank / Canara Bank ( probationary officer, clerk). The approach and attitude increased my confidence level and created a sense of strength. The course and adequate course materials helped me to overcome the difficulties in the subjects especially maths. With regards~ Hareesh M S (Kerala Grameen Bank)


  • AG's Office

Poet and a Banker

Dear Campus, A million thanks…for the awesome prep material…for the innovative coaching methods...for the excellent faculty…for the many mock tests… for the tips to improve numerical ability …for the right guidance… and for making me – a Hotel Management graduate – what I am today.! ~Sreekumar P (AG's Office)

ARUNVIJAYAN Sasthamcotta

  • IOB

Focus on the Goal

Campuskayamkulam is not just a bank coaching center for me. It's a moulding center, of my aim, my thoughts my attitude and my focus towards my goal. The efforts will come systematically after you join to our campuskayamkulam. The full credit of it goes to our beloved Santhosh sir. I joined there little late so I got my job little late, so i hope my friends will not make the same mistake. If u chose banking as your career join today itself you will not get any time to rethink. Best wishes to all. ~ Arunvijayan (IOB)

REMYA Ramapuram

  • Union Bank of India

Life is Unpredictable

“One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should do, even when you don’t feel like doing it “life is not something we plan at least for me. Hi I’m Remya a post graduate in English literature. I wanted to become a teacher but as i said life is full of unexpected events. I wanted a job ...a job by my own credibility. Turning point of my life was when i was introduced to “Santosh sir” founder of "campus” a banking service institution in Kayamkulam by Shalini Chechi, a campus product who is currently working as assistant manager in Central Bank of India. But it was not an easy task for me as I left my math classes long ago. But throughout my journey campus played a vital part. under the guidance of Santosh sir i was able to cover all my weak points. I was not even being able to pass my written exam even after attempting different bank exam for a year. Time was so hard that not some but many times i lost my confidence in myself. But god’s grace I was under the shadow of a man having extraordinary capability who always stood by me helped me gain my confidence every time I fall. Even after attending my IBPS pointer view on Jan 4th I was not confident of getting appointed since all my friends were interviewed for nearly 20 to 25 mins & some more than that & for me it was just a 5 min casual, friendly talk with just one banking and subject question which I answered, but Santosh sir was pretty sure, I can still recall his words "your 5 mins interview enough, they are surely going to appoint you". That becomes really true. Even though I applied through OBC reservation category I was appointed in an "unreserved category" & got my 1st choice "The Union Bank of India". The best thing about campus is the support that you get not only from teacher but also from your friends. What one lacks the other fills it. With mutual contribution of knowledge with your friends will help you to learn more. Never shy to admit your weakness. Like I said, I was not at all good in math but along with hard work my friends Rejini and Vidya helped. A whole package of a successful carrier is provided by campus starting motiving words from Santosh sir to exclusive study material, dual test, speed test, special classes with no end. Nothing is impossible go for it with your whole heart... Nothing can replace hard work & dedication. Best of luck to all! ~Remya (Union Bank of India)

ANUPAMA Harippad

  • Bank of India

Personality Development

I am here to share my experiences with CAMPUS. I have been selected as Clerk in Bank of India. I have completed MBA in Marketing. After MBA, I was placed in a private firm and at the same time I used to give exams to get government jobs including bank jobs but without any preparation. I couldn’t clear any test due to lack of preparation. Later I decided to quit my job and start preparing for bank jobs because of my parents pressure. I was not at all interested in doing that, still I joined CAMPUS by the end of July 2013. Fortunately, after a week or two I was totally in to it and started enjoying my classes. The speed test sections and regular exams helped me to increase my speed for maths and reasoning. For English section, the daily newspaper work has made tremendous improvement in my vocabulary and writing skills. Regarding general awareness and banking knowledge, we were provided with monthly notes including all the currents affairs for the past one month. We did group study on those materials and it helped me to improve my memory. After one month of joining campus, my confidence level increased. I cracked IBPS PO 3 and IBPS Clerks 3. The next big deal was interview. We started our preparations one month prior to the interview. So, we had enough time for our preparations. Three mock interviews were conducted for each person, which was very useful, especially for people attending interview for the first time. Complete analysis of our presentation, mannerisms, dressing etc were communicated after each mock interview. This helped me to make my presentation better each time and perform well for my IBPS interview. I am thankful to CAMPUS for all that I have gained from there and making me a better individual. ~Anupama (Bank of India)

VIPIN Haripad

  • Kerala Grameen Bank

Guidance is Necessary

Getting a decent job now a days is not that much easy and what else better than a bank if you get a job there. And for getting that kind of a job you need good guidance which you would certainly get from a good coaching institution, and I was in search of that which ultimately ended in Campus. Being here, I was provided with all the necessary essentials and ingredients instilled in me, which guided me and took me forward. Regular disciplined tests, strict newspaper works, helpful shortcut techniques and above all encouraging speeches by our Santosh sir helped me a lot in the beginning of my days friends and colleagues here also played a vital role in my success, they were always with me in my good and bad times and always kept motivating me. Thank you all for this and thank you campus for making my dream come true. Vipin (Kerala Grameen Bank)

SURABHI Mavelikkara

  • IT Officer, Union Bank

I fall Short of Words

I fall short of words when I want to express my gratitude towards campus kayamkulam and especially to our beloved Santhosh sir. Joining this institution has been a turning point in my life. Just like many of my friends even I was confused about what to do after my B-Tech. But once I had made up my mind to go for a secure profession like banking, I didn't have to think much about where to go for coaching. Campus kayamkulam was the solution to all my queries and the answer to my future. The confidence level that he builds and the individual attention he gives, have turned out to be the stepping stones on my way to success. Securing a job is a piece of cake if we go by his techniques and tactics. I am always grateful to Santhosh sir for the valuable guidance given to me. Surabhi (IT Officer, Union Bank)

JENU JAZIL Karunagappally

  • Indian Overseas Bank

Good Luck to All

Am Jenu Jazil J, currently working as assistant manager on probation in INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK. First of all, my hearty regards to SANTHOSH SIR for making this possible. I attended two training in my bank, and all I see during training is reminiscence of the valuable notes provided by CAMPUS KAYAMKULAM. For fellow mates preparing for bank jobs. this job demands practice. So, until and unless u do it during preparation, it is hard to succeed. And now am at this position only bcoz of my reading know what's happening around. Good luck to CAMPUS KAYAMKULAM and for all those bank aspirants. ~Jenu(Indian Overseas Bank)


  • Federal Bank

Develop Accuracy

Hi friends this is Kavya. I have completed my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering. Now placed as Probationary Officer in Federal Bank. Campus (Institution for bank coaching) helped me throughout my preparation in bank exam. I was a regular student of Campus, Santhosh sir our faculty who encouraged me as and when required. The Mock-Tests offered by Campus are well prepared and based on the recent pattern followed by IBPS. This helped me develop accuracy while solving the entire paper within the stipulated time. When I started preparing for banking I was not even aware of the basics of this exam. But Campus helped me to clear the exam. Our great faculty Santhosh sir’s patience and commitment towards the students, played a vital role in helping me to clear the bank exam. Kavya Parvathy (Federal Bank)


  • Indian Overseas Bank

I recommend for reasons that are many

Dear Aspirants, I'm Lekshmi, now working as probationary officer in Indian Overseas Bank. It’s my great pleasure to share my frank experience with you. When I quitted my software profession my mind was blank about my carrier. Campus lamp lighted the pathway to my carrier through an enriched process of motivation and skill development with great disciplines. As speed is an important aspect in any competitive exams especially bank exams, I acquired my constant speed through the regular test conducted there. I still feel the warm study air, keen study circles and good competitive friends over there. I affirm that Campus have a wide spectacle that make us to see your future. Thank you, Campus, thank you Santhosh sir and I personally recommended 'Campus' for all future aspirants to ensure a bright future. All the best. ~Lekshmi S Anand, (Indian Overseas Bank)

SUBI DEVAN Ramapuram

  • Canara Bank

To clarity ...

When I joined campus, I was very tensed to see the pattern of question papers. They were very tough especially that of maths & reasoning. I could hardly able to solve 4 to 5 questions out of 50 on an average. I was very desp. Later, the classes at Campus propelled my confidence levels to solve questions in a more efficient manner. Whatever was told at Campus was taken very seriously by me let it be newspaper reading, making notes or anything. The best feature of campus that I liked the most was the timely distribution of question papers and we were encouraged to solve each question in our own unique way which must take the least time. Because bank exam are all about Time keeping. At campus we are asked to solve the question set after the exam time is over. Hence within a year I got selected for various Bank exams. After selection the interview preparation and mock interviews provided at Campus were unparallel in nature. Because of which I was able to face the various Interview Boards with confidence. As a result of all these efforts and work today I am a P.O. at Canara Bank. Thank to Campus which helped me to achieve this fate. ~Subi Devan (Canara Bank)


  • Ministry Of External Affairs

Above My Expectation

Joining campus was a life changing decision for me. After completing my M.Tech in Power Systems, I started working as a guest lecturer in various Govt colleges under the IHRD. Even then, I had the dream of attaining a  permanent job in the Govt. sector. I attended several exams but couldn't excel as I was not able to prepare for any exam during the hectic schedule of the college. Also, the nature of the job was compelling me to  take a decision. Thus I resigned from the job and joined Campus for SSC coaching. Though it was a risky decision, I gradually understood that I was on the right track.

The training I received from the institution was above my expectation. Lots of study materials, previous questions, model papers, and the best maths class I ever attended, all helped me qualify the SSC MTS exam. The sessions were really helpful especially the newspaper reading and editorial reviews which helped to improve my language skills.

Though my aim was CGL and I cracked all 4 tiers of the exam, due to a shortage of a few marks I couldn't get into the final list. That still remains as a disappointment. I am currently happy with the post I got, but my strive for CGL will continue.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Campus and Santhosh Sir for helping me attain something which was once only a dream

BINCY Kappil

  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

Study Materials are Enough

After graduation, my aim was to clear bank tests and join a bank. I came to CAMPUS on seeing the advertisement in the newspaper. At campus I met our teacher Santosh sir. But after hearing about SSC from Santosh sir, I decided to join the SSC coaching provided by campus. Sir is a person who knows each and every student of CAMPUS personally . The study materials provided at CAMPUS are enough to qualify any government exam.The only thing required to crack any government exam is to be consistent in your studies. SSC is a long journey. There will be many ups and downs throughout the journey. There are times when you lose faith in yourself. Santosh sir always had the faith in me even when I didn't. Sir encouraged every one of us to work up to our true potential. It is due to his  guidance and support that I got this job in Central Government Health Scheme, Ministry of Healthand Family Welfare. You can just blindly follow the timetable provided by sir and success is guaranteed. I thank Santosh sir from the bottom of my heart for being the best teacher. Thank you sir for being one of the special educators who will live on forever in the minds and hearts of the students whose lives you have touched.


  • Ministry of Science & Technology

Forever Grateful...

Hi, I am Dhanya here.
After my Btech graduation, I decided to choose a career in government sector and after a lot of enquiry, I found Campus as the suitable place.Campus is different in its own way from many other coaching Institutes.First and foremost thing is our Santhosh Sir who surprisingly manages all subjects of bank as well as SSC batches.
Santhosh Sir gave us the introduction and details about the SSC exams and its chances.
Only after one year of my joining,the exams came and at first I could not even win the first tier of many exams.But,Sir supported each of us individually and used to guide us ,how to crack the exam.He had the confidence in us than we had.Sir was very strict about attending daily classes, morning tests , newspaper reading as well as the evening submission of books.
After continous reading of humongous amount of GK materials and practising questions and using the online platform of Campus for preparation at home,I also felt that I was much better than before, to attend the exams .
During the coaching ,I was able to crack Railway JE prelims,IB Security assistant Tier 1,MTS 2019 final exam and now looking forward for CHSL 2019 results.
Now I got selected at Survey of India, Dept of Science and Technology and it was indeed a long run.

Now also Sir motivates us to prepare for higher exams and not to stop studying.It took about 2.5 years for me to grab a government Job and I believe that strong determination,patience,consistent preparation and not giving up helped me to achieve it, ignoring the barriers that comes from different parts during the preparation.

Infact I was almost dependent on Campus, and Sir gave us a strong belief that we would surely get a govt job.I would be always indebted towards Campus as well as the guidance and love,Sir gave us throughout .Out of many teachers we had met throughout the life,Sir actually proved as the real TEACHER who guided each students analysing their weak as well as strong points,thus making them fit for exam.


  • Bank Of India

A Fire For All...

My name is Deepu B Nair, selected as IBPS clerk in Bank of India in 2020-21. I am an ex-serviceman. I am very thankful to Santosh sir because only with the help of his way of teaching, I achieved my success easily. I have ever written this type of English paragraph in my life. With the help of Santosh sir now I am capable of writing little bit of English . Also all the credits behind my success goes to Campus and  Santhosh sir. Now I remembering the first day in Campus,  there was full of highly qualified students. My thought was how to study among such students. But within one week I overcame all my negetive thinkings. One of the main thing that I was really shocked is that only one teacher (sathosh sir, the one man ) handling all the subjects. As an ex-serviceman I got  a lot of knowledge from Campus. The way of teaching is unpredictable. I was very waek in maths and English.  I am not confident that whether I could pass the exam. But within one month of coaching, my quality was fully improved. Another main thing I felt in campus is that there was no  use of pen to solve maths questions,   we can solve maths questions by mind calculation. That idea was helped me to improve myself. In between the classes he gave a lot of motivational speeches that was a fire for all students. No one can gave these type of motivations. Newspaper works  helped me to improve my English language and vocabulary. Evening checking of notebooks really helpful for all students. His way of checking is totally different. He will ask questions in reverse quiz model and we have to answer the question content or situations of that answer.  It helped me to remember current affairs questions regularly. I have attended the regular classes for 6 months. Due to Corona impact the regular classes  were crossed. But his online classes also provided the same atmosphere like regular classes. Finally I realized that those students who followed his instructions carefully,  will get the result within 6 months. Finally once again I am giving my hearty thanks to santhosh sir for my  success .

NIMA Pathanapuram

  • State Bank Of India

Life Changing Moment

'Determined to succeed in times of adversity' this one line defines CAMPUS KAYMKULAM. Today I am very much happy and blessed to share my experience of CAMPUS KAYAMKULAM, One of the best institutions for Bank Coaching. This is the best choice for a serious banking aspirant who ardently wish to secure a career in banking sector. Here one will get everything under an Umbrella. Especially the Maths classes (with innovative methods and shortcuts) and daily full length online mock tests which are truely Exceptional. These mock test helps to bring the best out of you by identifying your weak points and rectifying it. With this, Santhosh Sir's constant guidance(with individual attention) and motivation is the cherry on the cake. Everyone might have a life changing moment, mine was choosing CAMPUS to acheive my goal and finally I grabbed it . I am deeply indebted to Santhosh Sir for helping me to secure a Job in SBI as a JA. I would like to share a valuable lesson with my fellow banking aspirants which  I learned from Campus ; YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU STOP TRYING.


  • Bank OF India

Will Surely Pay Off

From a postgraduate in physics to a probationary officer in Bank of India , my journey was a roller coaster ride. After my post graduation I was in dire need of a job,the fast recruitment process along with lucrative career growth attracted me towards the banking industry. I firmly believe that my decision to join campus changed my life. All those who studied in campus will surely confirm the fact that campus is not just a coaching centre,but a place where you can mould yourself. The degree of motivation and encouragement that we will receive here cannot be described through mere words. I'm that kind of a person who shatters immediately. Each time when I lose a selection santosh sir motivated me and inspired me to take the next step strong. I firmly believe that this motivation and encouragement enabled me to crack ibps po 2020 after a series of failures. The teaching method and study materials at campus are simply the best. Last but not least ,never give up hardwork and perseverance will surely pay off.


  • Bank Of India

Those Sleepless Nights

The story of my struggle is no different than any middle-class graduate who is in dire need of a job- A job that would not only give me a financial independence and stability, but also one that would let me make a name for myself in the society and prove my mettle. This zeal for success is what eventually helped me to get the job as a Bank PO and on this journey is when I joined CAMPUS.

I graduated in 2018 with a very basic BA in English Language and Literature. During my final year in college, I had come to the realisation that the only way to get a job anytime in the near future was through competitive exams. Even though I had some understandings about other exams like the IBPS and SSC, I felt like I lacked proper guidance and that is where CAMPUS and Santhosh Sir come into my life. My father is an Ex-Service Man and after his retirement from the Army, he had also joined CAMPUS and now he is working in Canara Bank. So, when it came to choosing a coaching institute, I did not have any doubts or second guesses because I was well aware of the pedagogy of the institute. I joined CAMPUS in May of 2019. Even though Santhosh Sir's teaching methods are not very orthodox and might seem tough to follow in the beginning, within a few weeks, I had got accustomed to them and came to the realisation that these methods and study plans would only eventually help me crack one of these exams and I tried to follow them rigorously. I cleared the Prelims of almost all Bank exams that year but failed to replicate the same success in the Mains. So, I took Sir's advice and started to focus more on Current Affairs. I was all geared up for the next year examinations but that was when the Pandemic hit.

Even during the times of such uncertainties, CAMPUS did not abandon us. Through regular online discussions and advices, we were asked to keep our hopes high and to stay focussed on our goal and to never to ease out on our preparation. I cleared the prelims of SBI Clerk, IBPS Clerk and IBPS PO in 2020. When I saw the Mains Cut-off for PO (83.5), I realised that I would have cleared the Mains only with a very small margin, but regardless of that, I prepared well for the Interview and went for a couple of mock interviews at CAMPUS. On April 1, while I was waiting for the result to published, my mind still filled with all those self-doubts and the list of the numerous failures that had I had to face. All that vanished away and never to come back, when I read that I have been selected as a PO in Bank of India. When I saw the happiness on the face of my loved ones, I was filled with joy and pride and it finally gave me the feeling that I've achieved something in life.

Even a few weeks after the result, the fact that I had got the job for which I had worked so hard, had only started to sink in. But when I look back at these years of struggle, I understand that I am what I am today, because of the struggles and hardships that I had to go through. All those sleepless nights, hours of practice to improve speed and accuracy and most importantly the failures are what that helped me get this job. So, the only way to be truly content is to 'trust the process' and 'to be thankful for the opportunities that life has to offer'


  • Bank Of India

Never Lose Hope

Hi there, this is Jayakrishnan. I am writing this to inspire each and everyone of you. Recently I cleared IBPS PO X. It took me  nearly two and a half years to crack it. First of all, I thank for those who stood beside me for my success.
My journey for a job started in 2018. After my graduation, I joined Campus Coaching Institute at Kayamkulam. At the beginning, it was very hard for me. I was an average student who is very weak in English language. At Campus, All-in-all Santosh Sir gave me the directions to follow to crack the exams. He told us to read The Hindu newspaper to Improve English language. After following his directions, I was able to score more marks in English language. But that wasn't enough to crack the exams . At the beginning of 2019, I made a bold mind to work hard. I started to practice the topics section wise. Within a month,  I saw huge improvement. At campus, I practiced the mock tests provided by my mentor and it proved to be an edge in clearing exams. I almost cleared all the prelims exams conducted in 2019 FY. But was not able to clear the mains due to low marks in current affairs section. That wasn't enough to crack the exam.

After the arrival of covid-19, followed by  lockdown, at the first two months, I was really down as I was not able to clear the exam the previous year. At that time, Santosh Sir motivated us through online conferences and gave us hope of the opportunities in 2020. To keep in touch, I did  daily quizzes and mock tests to keep my hopes alive. I also read current affairs daily to not to repeat the same mistake again. This year also, I cleared all the prelims exams. There was much more improvement this year in the main exam as  I have prepared  for current affairs better than last attempt. I lost SBI Clerical mains by 1.5 marks , Ibps clerk by 2 marks . But I was happy as I cleared IBPS PO mains. Santosh Sir helped me in every possible manner to improve my performance in interview. After giving my interview , I was not sure whether I performed better or not as I was not good in English communication. But the final marks proved that I was eligible for the job. I was able to score only minimum marks in interview. What saved me was the main examination marks. I  scored 22.75 marks above the actual cutoff  which shows that main exam marks means a lot.

So what matters here is your willingness to work towards your goal no matter how many failures you might encounter. As in my case , after every failure, I rectified my problems and improved my performance. The results started to show as the cut off gap started to decrease. What I am saying is that don't get demotivated. Always be positive and work towards your goal. A well structured study of 6 to 7 hours is enough and the only way to crack is to practice as much as possible. Regular practice is needed to keep you in touch, otherwise it is not possible to clear the examination. Don't always rely on hard mocks. Try  to do medium level mocks to improve your confidence.

I hope this would help at least a few aspirants. " Always believe in yourself and never lose hope " . I thank those who stood beside  me for my success.


  • EPFO

Right Direction to Life

After completing BCA, I joined CAMPUS as an easy way to get a bank job. But when I joined there, I realised that I was not able to continue there, because of my average IQ and lack of knowledge in English language. But Santhosh sir encouraged and motivated me to overcome my drawbacks through various methods. I wrote various exams from the time I joined there, but I was not able to get a job. It was due to low marks which I was scored for English subject. To overcome the issue I worked day and night. 

I cleared many preliminary exams but not a mains exam in the next year. Then I decided to study from my home due to some inconvenience. Even-though I stopped going to the instituition, Santhosh sir gave all the instructions through online. Also he provided online training by conducting online tests and online materials. Through that I got a job in South Indian Bank as a Clerk in 2020.

When I joined South Indian Bank, I thought that I would stop writing exams. But Santhosh sir used to call me for encouraging me to prepare for much higher exams. I started preparing for the exams after the work in the bank. He gave me all the study materials online and I started writing exams. Now I got Social Security Assistant job in the EPFO.

I am very happy to say that my life has gone in the right direction with the proper guidance from Santhosh sir and the training I got from the Campus. I am very thankful to the Campus for the help and encouraging atmosphere to get a good job so that I can protect my family and live happily. Thank you so much Santhosh sir for his patience and strict follow up of training which was given by him.


  • Bank Of India

Regaining Self-Confidence

I am Arun T. I am an Ex-Serviceman. I am currently selected as a clerk in Bank Of India through IBPS-2020. I will always be grateful to Santhosh Sir and the CAMPUS Institute for making this an achievement for me. This is not a beautification word. Because I joined the CAMPUS thinking that I could look at a hand without a lot of anxiety and without any confidence. If I can get a job out of that situation it is only with the instructor’s teaching method called Santhosh Sir.

Now let me analyse how the CAMPUS has benefited me as an Ex-Serviceman. It’s a common thing for us Ex-servicemen to be doubtful of anything. Before I joined the CAMPUS as well, a lot of institutions had inquired about their coaching standards. Each of them, I understood the study methods in their respective institutions. From that I got a good opinion about the CAMPUS. After that, when I inquired about their reviews with the students who were studied and who are studying in CAMPUS, I confirmed that CAMPUS is the best for me. But one of the biggest shortcomings still lingers in my mind is the fact that there is only one teacher in CAMPUS. Like everyone else there was a doubt in my mind how a single teacher can manage approximately 500 – 600 students in multiple subjects simultaneously. But the confidence I got as a result of the pre-students suggestion, finally I joined the CAMPUS.

The first week I joined was an anxiety about not knowing what to do. However, during that time, I saw the style of teaching as well as the ways to manage the institute smoothly by Santhosh Sir. I realized that the decision to join the CAMPUS was a good one. When I saw Santhosh Sir’s ability to engage so many students in their studies and to carry out their administration without any difficulty, I amazed, honoured and adored. I firmly believe that a person who can do so many things alone can certainly give us the opportunity to realize our dream of a job.

If you look at the study methods here, it was a completely different approach than the other institutions. The first motivational thing was to give coaching/teaching for the life time of the student i.e upto getting a job. It is not available in any other institution. To understand its benefits, it is enough to look at a person who goes down to another institution after a six-month course. They, then find that their efforts go in vain with no one to monitor or give them a direction. Similarly, teaching by a teacher in other institutions can be like a school or college atmosphere. That is, the teacher teaches and the children learn by hearing or seeing. Almost all teachers can teach like that method. But with this method of study, we will not be able to pass the competitive exam in the running period. But in CAMPUS, it unleashes our own dormant talents and enables us to write exams and get a job. This method not only helps us to get a job but also helps us to make every decision with confidence in our future life.

Similarly the monitoring and motivation from Santhosh Sir we especially Ex-Servicemen will benefit a lot. Self confidence is the lowest of the Ex-servicemen. With every negative action, we think I can do nothing and stop this. I have thought like this a lot of times. But when I listened to the continuous motivational speech of Santhosh Sir, I would regain my self-confidence. So in the end the only reason I got this achievement was because of Santhosh Sir and the Institution called “CAMPUS”. I am forever indebted to Santhosh Sir for this. Thank you .... thank you very much.......


  • Ministry Of Finance

How To Study....

 I have completed btech. I thought of joining public service and my brother told me to go for gate coaching. But I couldn't achieve what I expect through that. So, I decided to prepare for non technical exams.  At that time I heard about Campus Kayamkulam from one of my relative. At the time of admission I thought to take Bank coaching there. But after I told about what I was doing earlier  Santhosh Sir told me to take SSC coaching that will be good and have wide opportunities. Also I could attend technical exams too. I decided to take SSC.

Initially there was many struggles I was weak in some sections, I didn't have good speed for answering questions. I couldn't even attempt the 50 questions which is half of the questions ask in Tests. But Sir gave us proper guidance, how to study each sections, time management for each sections. Sir gave us many reference notes, practiced more and more test modules. Gone through many sets of questions. At the initial stage I have written many exams of Railways, SSC, PSC, Bank and so on. But I didn't got the result. Gave more importance to the weakest subject. Gradually the rhythm was gained. Confidence level increased and the attempt rate increased. Then I got through the first stage cutoff of some exams and couldn't clear the second stage. I got many negative comments from many. But it was improvisation for me. Continued practicing and attempted more and more test sets and finally I got selected for a post in SSC.


  • State Bank Of India

Continuous Motivation....

Hi I am Athira L from Haripad. I completed BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering now working in State Bank Of India.

Majority of my friends were planning to go for an IT sector at that time. Because of the insecurity of private sector jobs I decided to prepare for govt examinations. At that time I have heard about bank examinations from one of my cousin. Its examination pattern was reliable to me and its selection process as fast as other govt examinations. I decided to go to Campus for the preparations. English, Reasoning, Maths and General Awareness , the sections we need to follow. Initially it was a tough job to achieve a good speed. According to me Campus is one of the best platform to achieve a job in banking sector. Santhosh sir all in all of this institute who has a unique preparation strategy. I was good in Maths since that was my  favourite subject. By reading the newspaper The Hindu regularly has created a lot of changes not only in my preparations but also improves communication skills. By giving regular mock test through offline and online helped me to increase the speed in all sections. Sometimes my mind got disappointed as I disqualified in many of mains examinations by a few marks. Santhosh sir continuously motivated me to reach the goal.

Finally with the grace of God I got selected in State Bank of India. According to me my father's and mother's happiness in the eyes by hearing this news is the greatest moment in my life. The credit goes to Santhosh sir.


  • State bank Of India

Don't....Give Up

Hi everyone, I am Swathi. I am very glad to say that i have been selected as probationary officer in State Bank  of India.. So i would like to share my some of the phases which i have gone through my last three years of my bank coaching life..I started my bank exam preparation in 2017 under the guidance of Santhosh sir at Campus.

Campus provided a great level of execution of contents for the aspirants who wish to get a bank job at all india level.. Whether it is study materials or test practise series or group discussions about current affairs, Santhosh sir always kept the level of materials in top standard.. Because he always believed that his students will achieve the mindset to clear the toughness of the exams on a daily basis.. So i thoroughly sticked on to the Santhosh sir's plan of execution...

Like all the other candidates, the first year was really tough for me..Although i cleared the pre exams i somehow get failed in main exams..Then i started to evaluate myself.. I realized if i can score more in english section there will be a good chance of getting main exams.. So i concentrated more on English sections.. Santhosh sir always keep telling us that all of you should more focus on newspaper reading and editorial analysis and try to make a handy note..I believe that it helps me to overcome my fear in english. We started to work hard for the english sections and with right amount effortness we were started to clear main exams.. After clearing the sbi written exam Santhosh sir gave me the enough confidence to face the interview with a number of mock interviews and atlast i was able to perform well in the interview..

When i look in to my past, i could not get a place in the final list by a few marks difference in many exams like ibps po, ibps clerk, sbi clerk, rrb po and federal bank clerk.  Many moments when I did not get the final selection, I get disappointed and  even thought about to quit. But my parents and friends helped me to overcome the situation. Sometimes sir tell us, don't give up... work hard until you reach your goal. During that 3 year period in Campus i was able to understand what are my strengths and weakness.With self confidence and his continuous  motivation I came to believe that I could achieve my dream job..

But i would like to give all credit to Sir..I like to thank sir for your encouragement and support over the years. Thank you for being friendly and open minded teacher you are..



  • Canara Bank

Methods are Unique

Hello, my name is Rakesh Krishna U, a student of Campus Kayamkulam. I’m selected for IBPS PO and clerk 2020-21. I’m here to share my campus experience and how it helped me achieve my goal of becoming a banker. I joined the institute on mid-2019 through the recommendation from my friend and his sister who are now working as PO in Union bank of India. The fast and regular recruitment along with the perks of banking industry attracted me towards this sector.

The methods of campus are unique. The daily tasks such as the newspaper and editorial works helped me in getting through general awareness section in exams and the daily practice tests in the classroom helped me in achieving speed and accuracy, especially in prelims. Santhosh sirs math class introduced a new dimension to the subject, making it easier to solve problems without any equations or using any unnecessary steps. Then came the interview part, where the mock interviews by sir helped me to sit comfortably during my bank interviews.

In 2019 I cleared the IBPS PO mains and attended the interview, but due to some bad luck or maybe I gave a bit too much focus on general awareness, and thereby loosing focus on other sections, I was short of 0.6 marks from the final cutoff for the list and to rub salt to the wound I was short of 2 marks from the IBPS clerk final cutoff. I was completely dejected and the pandemic situation made it worse. But through motivation from my family and Santhosh sir, I was back at it, putting more effort into my studies, giving focus to all the sections equally. Finally, I cleared SBI PO, IBPS PO and clerk mains exam. Although I could not pass the final cutoff of SBI PO, I cleared both IBPS PO and clerk 2020-21 and got selected for Canara bank as PO and for clerk in UCO bank. If you work hard and do it sincerely without giving up whether it may be bank, SSC or any other competitive exam you will be able to achieve your goal.


  • Bank Of India

Just Do What You Are Told

Hi I am Arathy Prasad Kayamkulam. 

I can never forget my first day at campus when Santhosh sir asked me to solve problems without using pen. At that time mind maths was not my cup of tea and i even thought to  stop chasing my dream job. Every day started with a speed test and i sometimes wondered why we always wanted to do this. I realised it's importance only when I started to clear prelims. Things changed when national lockdown was imposed. But nothing can stop you from achieving success when you have someone like Santhosh sir to motivate and an excellent app like campusure. He always told only one thing to us, dont panic just do what you are told. We were given online mocks and also had to complete hindu newspaper work on time. The result was overwhelming. I cleared ibps clerk even the vacancy was too low. I achieved my dream and this is my first day in Bank of india. Kudos! All credits goes to Santhosh sir...


  • Bank Of India

For A Bright Future

H Friends, here Anoop, a postgraduate in Commerce, selected for Assistant Manager in Bank Of India.

Before joining Campus i was giving many competitive exams looking for a secured job. But i failed miserably in all the exams i had given.The exams conducted by IBPS, SSC etc are witnessing high level of competition since past few years and it requires proper strategy and guidance to crack the exam. My cousin who is now an Asst. manager in Canara bank is a former Campus student and she recommended this institute and I came to know about Santhosh sir. I joined Campus on 2019 looking for a job in banking sector. I was weak at maths and Santhosh sir helped me to tide over that weakness. His way of teaching maths is entirely different. I started doing maths without pen and paper. Skills in english is a major factor for getting selected. Daily newspaper work helped me to improve my scores in english for both objective and descriptive sections in the exam.

Even during the lockdown phase, Campus was virtually active with online mock tests and doubt sessions. Mock interviews helped me to score good marks in interviews i had given. Apart from the aforesaid what really helped me was the personal guidance by Santhosh sir. He motivated me throughout the preparation. It really helped me to trudge through tough times.

I strongly recommend Campus to all aspirants looking for a bright future. All you need is sincerity , perseverance and diligence.

Ambadi Kannan

  • Bank Of India

Systematic Coaching

Hello Everyone,I am A Ambadi Kannan, I am an Indian Air Force veteran.

After my retirement from IAF my prime requirement was to secure a government job for second career. I was very well aware that  securing a government job without hard work, proper guidance and coaching was almost an impossible task due to the tough competition, therefore my first task was to find out an appropriate coaching centre. I visited various coaching centres and consulted various armed forces veterans in this regard and finally I zeroed on Campus coaching Centre Kayamkulam  and believe me friends, meeting Santhosh Sir was a turning point in my life. The guidance, systematic coaching and keeping us abreast of all the new patterns in competitive exams by Santhosh Sir enabled me in cracking various competitive exams like SSC MTS 2019, SSC CGL 2019,ESIC UDC, SSC CAPF IBPS CWE X.

I take this opportunity to thank Santhosh sir from bottom of my heart for all the sincere help he provided throughout our academic period. I really appreciate the ingenuity and dedication you have shown during the entire tutoring sessions. You taught me to work hard and appear in the examinations without worrying about the results. We all are indebted to you for your amazing teaching skills and positive attitude. You were and you will be always my inspiration. I wish all the success to you and your institute.


  • State Bank of India

Proper Guidance

I'm Ammu.B now working as junior associate in SBI..I joined campus last year after getting suggestion from one of their former student who got selected in gramin bank.Proper guidance, coaching and the most updated study materials provided by campus institute helped me to achieve my job...


  • EPFO

No Matter How Long It Takes...

I am Sreelakshmy G selected as EPFO SSA. After completing my btech graduation I was confused whether to choose software field or prepare for bank exams. That time my sister Sruthi G cleared kerala gramin bank PO and SBI clerk exams. She was a member of Campus family. That helped me to decide my future. I also started bank exams preparation at Campus Kayamkulam.

My journey was a very long one and required lot of patience. Initially I could clear the prelims exams but missed mains by a few marks difference. Later I was able to clear mains exams like SIB clerk, Rrb PO, ESIC UDC but didn't get the final selection. Santhosh sir motivated me all these times. He also advised me to prepare for other government exams, even though the number of vacancies are very low. This prompted me to apply for EPFO exam. Campus provided us so many offline tests, online tests and reading materials .Thank you Sir, for your great support and guidance .

What I learned from this long journey is that even when you are failing, you might be making some progress. So trust the process ,be patient and work hard. Success will be yours, no matter how long it takes ..


  • Kerala Gramin Bank

With The Right Mentor

Hi Friends let me share my experience to you about how to be a successful person.First of all i will introduce my self.
I'm Parvathy, from Ambalappuzha.I am a btech graduate. I have done my btech degree in Electrical and Electronics from Sree budha college of engineering, Pathanamthitta.After completing my degree i worked as intern in kel and kseb as junior engineer.Even though I was interested in technical field, somehow i came to a decision to study and prepare for bank test.I was not at all interested in bank jobs but pressure from my family gave me no choice. I was searching for a place to join for coaching,then some of my friends suggested about "Campus" and i joined for coaching in dec 2017.After some days i was really concerned and confused and it was a task for me as the syllabus for bank exam was not at all easy. It need immense guidance for someone like me to crack and i found it from campus. Ofourse we need to practice maths, reasoning and need to read newspapers to crack the exam. But beyond that we need a mentor to guide us. I was lack in confidence whether i can crack the exams or not. All my concerns are over in 3-4 months with Santhosh Sir's guidance.I started qualifying in all prelims exam which had only maths,reasoning and english with frequent mock tests in campus. But mains part was not at all easy as it contains GA .GA part is not at all easy for me as i dont read newspapers regulary. But sir guided me how to master in Ga.Slowly and steadily i mastered in GA and things had changed for me in mains exam.But luck was not in my side, i had missed mains by 2-3 marks several times and once again it affected my confidence.I thought of quitting bank exams. If u ever need a mentor , that was the time, Sir talked to me, shared his experience, it was a life changing experience for me. As a candidate , being good in academics does not gather you a job. You need to mentally strong to crack these type of competitive exams. If i look back, those advices and experiences shared by Santhosh sir and the atmosphere in campus changed my life. I had stopped worrying about cracking exam and belived in myself due to those advices. Finally i had cracked RRB mains and now i am working in Kerala Grameen Bank after all the struggle. If i ever want to thank someone for this immense acheivement, then all the credit goes to Sir and of course my family . Everyone has talent, but somehow not everyone is succeeding, but if you are with the right mentor and teacher, then that talent can be polished into result . Once again thank you so much sir.


  • Kerala Gramin Bank

Never Loose Confidence

From B.Tech Mech to Kerala Gramin Bank assistant manager

Journey to success is never an easy task. There is no shortcut. It needs strong preserverance and immense belief in oneself. At some point everything's gonna go south on you..... and you are going to say, this is it. This is how I end. Now you can either accept that or you can get to start fighting back. This reminds me a story of two mice which slipped into a bucket of milk. I am like the second one who turned milk to butter and escaped. Never give up and never loose the confidence in yourself. You will surely win.


  • IDBI

One Day You Can

Feels very very happy.Joined as IDBI bank assistant manager. Its a long journey .joined Campus Kayamkulam on July 2015 with the thought of cracking the exams in one year .But things don't go as I think. I used to clear almost every prelims but missed the mains .In some cases cleared the mains but in interview out. But I used to learn from my mistakes after every exams .it's all a step by step process.
Thank you Santhosh sir for your valuable advices ,great support, motivation,your preparation strategies. These things helped me to achieve my dream job.
Guys not think of quitting your preparations. There may be some delays but will definitely one day you can achieve your dream.
Never get dejected after failures. Because efforts never fail .I am the biggest example.


  • Canara Bank

Success May Always Find You

After completing MSc in agriculture, I joined 'Campus' for SSC coaching in October 2019. I was referred by Miss Gayatri, currently working as a bank po, who was trained in Campus. Even though I joined for SSC, I was also trying for the post of specialist officer (Agricultural Field Officer) in bank.
Campus offers a unique and well prepared study plan for competitive exams, daily newspaper works and current affairs sessions being some of them. Maths classes provided here are more than enough for requirement of Bank, SSC exams.
The books and magazines recommended to students are the best. Regular online and offline test series offered here makes the students very competent. Santhosh sir's care and attention towards individual student is the reason behind the success of the institute.
By adhering to the regular study plan offered by sir, I could clear the prelims and mains, but was worried about the interview. The mock interviews conducted by sir was very much helpful in boosting my self confidence. And those mock interviews made me to realize that he is well versed with almost all subjects. My interview went very good and finally selected as specialist officer in Canara Bank. He still insists me to prepare for upcoming exams and for securing better opportunities.
Therefore, I strongly recommend 'Campus' as the best place to join, if you really want to prepare for bank, ssc and other competitive exams....


  • Union Bank Of India

Only You Can Decide Your Destiny

The journey to become a Bank officer
Definitely it's quite a long journey for me to make my dream come true. After my postgraduation, I worked for a software company for few years. But I was not satisfied with that job. So I started looking for a job in banking sector. Initially I have no idea about where to start, how to prepare for these exams. Then one of my friends Priyanka told me about "CAMPUS" .

I joined for Sunday batch. But I couldn't concentrate fully on my preparation. Thus I resigned job and went to class regularly. Initially I struggled a lot as my time management was very poor. It's a time bound exams. Campus coaching helped me to overcome all the difficulties that came across during my preparation. There were lot of situations I felt like to quit. Santosh sir is the only reason that keeps me continue there. He motivated and guided us continuously without any hesitation and partiality. He provided us maximum offline ,online test and reading materials.

Above all, what you want is "Presence of mind" . Only you decide your destiny. Never quit until you win.


  • Canara Bank

Don't Stop Till You Get There

A government job has always been my dream. After completing my graduation for more than a year I worked in a reputed MNC. Along with the job I started preparing for SSC. Unfortunately it didn't go well because of the heavy workload and night shifts. Then I decided to resign and focus completely on SSC.

Campus was introduced to me by a close friend. Joining there completely changed my view-point towards a job. At first I was not even sure if I can crack the exam. But the continuous support and guidance from Santhosh Sir gave us a confidence no one ever gave. Every work given to us was solely exam oriented. Even though I cleared the tier 1 exam I failed to clear the tier 2. Since its been 2 years, along with the SSC preparation I started preparing for bank exam. Fortunately I cleared IBPS Clerk exam and got selected in Canara bank

This is not the end. It's just the starting. It was always CGL and it will be. I am extremely thankful to Santhosh Sir for continuously supporting us and guiding us, and my friends and family for being there in my ups and downs.


  • Union Bank

Followed the Instructions

Hello friends, I'm Anaswara, a physics graduate from Vavvakkavu. A bank job was in my dream right from my college days as my sister got placed in a reputed bank through Ibps.The reputation and job security atttracted me towards this.I joined Campus in 2016 to fulfill my dream in a short while. I attempted Ibps clerk and po exams in 2017 and failed.Then I realised that it is not an easy job.From that point I worked hard towards my dream. I followed the instructions from Santhosh sir very seriously. He examines every student keenly and gave instructions that we need to concentrate. My real problem was lack of speed.I practiced daily Campus tests strictly following the time. In 2018 I cracked ibps clerk prelims but lost mains. And I lost Ibps po prelims by 0.25 marks.

For me it was a clear sign that I was in a right track. The online test facility is one of the best part of Campus. We could do online tests at any time and can compare our scores with others also. News paper reading and note making was a daily routine which significantly helped me in GA preparation and language improvement.With proper hardwork along with God's grace, in 2019 I cracked ibps po exam and got selected in Union Bank Of India.

I thank Santhosh sir, the one and only man behind Campus from my heart for all the support and guidance.


  • Bank Of India

Provides All You Need

I'd never really thought about a bank job until I joined Campus out of sheer curiosity and I guess you could even say obligation. I became exposed to an atmosphere of hard work, persistence and tenacity there and after a long and arduous journey here I am, selected as a probationary officer in Bank Of India. Make no mistake, nobody's going to hand you a job because you joined a coaching centre. But if you're willing to work hard for it, the Campus centre provides you all you need- instruction, perspective and motivation.


  • Bank Of India

Everything Will Change In A Fraction Of Seconds

Myself Mahitha Mary Mathew ,a post graduate in electronics and communication engg .I joined Campus at the end of 2016, my reference was my own husband who was a student of Santhosh sir, since he had very good experience there i didn't thought of going anywhere else .It was a wonder for me the way sir managed all of us giving attention to each one of us, guiding and motivating us .The weekend quants classes were superb, each and every portion of the syllubus were covered touching all the possible types of questions and the homeworks he had given us helped me a lot to bulid a strong base in quants and till now that notes were my reference and i neednot had to refer any other sources.We were given with time bounded tests and sir taught us how to analyse the mistakes and redo the test and that was the key to increase the speed.

By the end of 2017 I cleared IBPS PO VII prelims and then came the twist, from the very begining sir insisted each one of us to study GA in parallel even though we were not prepared to write a prelims exam so that we have a habit of reading ..but I was like Oh.. it will be easy for me, let me first clear prelims then I will take GA section an engineering student i have come across number of photostats that I used study in a very littile time ..I thought the same will be applicable here ...but all my efforts were in vain since for one year i had no such reading habits it was very difficult for me to catch up the ga section ..somehow I managed to write the exam by mugging up a capsule notes ...but the end result was,I failed the exam but not in a large margin from the cutoff and that was a wakeup call for me ,I realized the way I studied was wrong. By then I had to shift to another city since my husband got transfer.Sir was like, you go with him but don't leave your studies in the midway if you take a break then you'll have to start from the very beginning again ...He always insisted me to write exams and I followed his advise..and here goes the list of exams in the year of 2018 sbi clerk prelims cleared, mains not cleared .. Ibps rrb po prelims cleared mains cleared, lost in the interview..that too in a very small margin Ibps clerk prelims cleared ,mains I lost for decimal difference in the mark..and the biggest achievement was I got an opportunity to write the ibps po exam as scribe for another candidate and she is now working as probationary officer in union bank of india...that was really a confidence booster for me ...I was determined for the next season of exams, somehow I have to be in the final list ..and here comes the list of failures in 2019 sbi clerk mains not cleared ibps rrb exams not cleared the prelims and then came ibps po IX and ibps clerk by that time I had changed the way i studied current affairs section ,attending mocks and analysis and learning from the mistakes I have committed..all these was possible only becoz of the training i got under Santhosh sir..and today I am happy to say I have cleared both ibps clerk in Union Bank of India and ibps po 2019 in Bank of India.

My journey was really tough ..I had to face all the demotivating talks laughing faces throughout, but my eyes were on my dream ..thank you sir for the motivation you had given me to continue my studies the fire you gave me, brought me to where I am now..Somany will be there to demotivate you and change your track but don't let them decide hard and prove all that laughing faces that your way was right rather than giving up in the midway.For some of the candidates it will be an easy journey ..they will get a job in a very short span ..but there are people whose road to sucess is full of hurdles and I was one among them.Surrounding yourself with positive people who share the same dream as yours is a blessing and i was immensely blessed to have it...they always motivated and supported me in my hard times.. Let me conclude with my sir's own motivating words everything will change in a fraction of seconds focus on your work, rest will definetly come to u ..


  • Union Bank

This Will Come To An End

Hello everyone,
Myself Gadha Gopinath from Chengannur.Iam very glad to know about I have been provisionally alloted for IBPS PO IX in Union Bank of India, IBPS clerk IX in Andhra Bank and IBPS RRB VIII Office Assistant in Kerala Regional Rural Bank.I have done Btech in Information Technology.After the graduation,my journey for the banking sector started in CAMPUS(Kayamkulam) in the mid of 2016.

From CAMPUS I got the first class study materials and better subjectwise classes.There I got the opportunity to practice speed tests conducted in a time bounded manner.After the test time was over we were asked to find the solutions individually which was very effective during the exams.Our tutor gave us ideas to improve English language skills through the newspaper reading and also shortcut tricks to solve quant and reasoning sections.Also he encouraged us to read the current affairs daily.Genuinely speaking, our head Santhosh sir was amazing.He just not only helped us in the studies but also gave inspiring words for the mental preparation.I saw many failures in the first year of my preparation. But I did not lose my hope and continued the preparation.But unfortunately after one year I forced to discontinue my preparations due to a neurological disorder.So I couldn't attend any exams for a period of time.Therefore my parents became very disappointed.But I was not ready to lose my target.I recollected the motivational words of Santhosh sir and by GOD's grace I could start the preparations,in such a difficult health condition.Then I passed the prelims of both IBPS RRB PO VII and IBPS clerk VII.But I was not able to crack the mains.

However my confidence level increased.But my family,relatives,neighbours etc..forced me to try for one another private job.But I did not mind it and practiced more and more.I believed that one day I will get success.Again I have cleared some prelims and got a place in reserve list of IBPS RRB Office Assistants VIII and cleared IBPS PO IX mains.With the help of mock interviews conducted by Santhosh sir I could perform in the IBPS PO IX interview very well.Then also cleared IBPS clerk IX mains and due to the blessing of God finally I got selected as PO in Union Bank of India,clerk in Andhra bank and Office Assistants in Regional Rural Bank.For this achievement I would like to thank all of them who encouraged me through out my journey especially to my parents for their support and Santhosh sir for his better guidance and proper teaching methods.

In the end, all I want to say that the aim should be stable.People will try to pull you down all the time.But you must always think that this will come to an end when you will achieve your target.So have faith in yourself and hardwork and do not stop until you achieve your target and never give up whatever the conditions are.If you work hard God will shower the blessings to you at the right time.
Best wishes to all.


  • Canara Bank

Its One Of A Kind

I would say, its one of a kind. Here candidates are prepared in every single possible way to compete with confidence in competitive examinations .... Be it newspaper work, numericals, language or speed ,you say it, you will be perfectly prepared to face the with ease...... And job... Its an guaranteed..


  • Bank Of Baroda

It Is Just Another Day

I am highly indebted to Campus for comprehensive training that Campus offers. Campus has a well planned system, that is in line with the demands of the exam. The aspirant is put through a series of practice exams, simulating the original exams. So at exam hall, it is just another day at "Campus".

No student is turn out merely on complete of six months. I got an extension of term absolutely free of cost. I attribute my success in securing a bank job to Campus, right from the bottom of my heart.


  • Kerala Gramin Bank

From Average Level To...

I'm Geethu, graduated in computer science from Cas Mavelikkara. I'm very happy to become one among in the Campus's long list of success.Thanks to our mentor Santhosh sir;As an average level aspirant his huge motivation and rigorous works laid on us helped me to grab this success. Daily tests, maths classes improved my speed as well as accuracy in reasoning, quantitative sections.And the newspaper works here all are truly adequate and enhanced my English proficiency. Daily reading of newspaper also improves memory power which helped me to memorise GA easily even at first reading.Collecting current affairs daily from several online platforms and top magazines stringently monitored by him to make sure that we are in right path of preparation.
And I'm sure that Campus is the best for aspirants to get better guidance.


  • Ministry Of Youth Affairs

You Don't Know Your Strength

I Athira Santhosh a Mathematics graduate who joined in Campus Kayamkulam with a wish of getting a bank job soon. I joined campus by the suggestion of some of my friends. Even i had a wish for job but first i was not aware of the competition going. So that i became mentally whether i can achieve this. And i was a moderate student also. But the person who put confidence in me and keep motivating continuously like 'You dont know your strength you are not using this properly'.actually at that time it shook me and i got a new mind set. And since then i started clearing exams. And i wonderd how Santhosh sir giving special attention to each and every students in Campus and keep motivating them continuously and being with them at the time of their hardships. And i can say that now i became a central govt employee (i joined bank coaching but i recruited in Nyks under MYAS) only because of the moral support as well as the material support of the institution. I think we want good study materials but as of now the competitiion is going to a different level aspirants need moral support and time. And at this time if i want to thank anyone for getting this job is...My parents who didn't lose hope in me and Santhosh sir the person who insist self confidence in me and kept motivating me and obviously the god who provided all these supportive environment for me.


  • State Bank Of India

Top Quality Materials

Myself Vipin V Nair, presently working at SBI, Thrissur. I  joined Campus  in mid November 2018. When I joined campus  I am serving in Navy .  During my last year of service, I decided to start studying for bank exams and started searching for best training institute. One of my friends suggested to join Campus for bank coaching .

During my initial training I found little difficult to adjust with then syllabus but later on with the continues motivation from Santhosh sir, I gained confidence and  got better with the syllabus. The study materials provided by Santhosh sir is of top quality which is enough to crack banking exams. I experienced that  the mock test provided by Santhosh sir is a key element to my success.

After regular appearance  in banking exams with most of them got failed I finally got selected in SBI  2020 and joined on 25 Jan 2021. In addition to that I got selected for CGL 2019.

From my experience , if you are  preparing for banking exams then you are in the  right place with the right mentor like Santhosh sir. Best of luck to all my fellow aspirants.S


  • State Bank Of India

Sees The Best In Everyone

I completed my PG in 2019 and went to Kerala my hometown from Jaipur. I was looking for job opportunities and some people suggested me to try for government job and there is a great institution available near your place. I visited the place it was Campus coaching center  and saw Santosh sir there and talked to him about future possibilities i can have with my educational qualifications and my strong points.

Santosh sir guided me personally and helped me lot throughout my time in the institution as he sees the best in everyone and guide them according to their learning abilities. With his help i am now working as SBi clerk in Rajasthan and i am trying to achieve more under his guidance and if someone is looking for a mentor who can help them about their future and what they can achieve the best place to get the answers is Campus institution Kayamkulam



Just Meet Once

I am Sreekanth from Charummood. I am a BTech graduate, I worked in Ernest & Young for one year. Though it is a big MNC I always dreamt to be a government employee and I fulfilled it after joining CAMPUS Kayamkulam. I joined in the first SSC batch. Initially I wasn't confident enough to face the government exams as I was not well versed in QA and GK. Here I met one among the best mentors of my life Santhosh sir, his teaching skills in maths and the unique problem solving techniques gave me more confidence in improving quantitative aptitude skills.

His wide knowledge in all subjects gave us an idea about how to approach general awareness, current affairs and English for competitive exams.The books he preferred, the notes he provided were very helpful. finally I got posted in Indian Railways. I express my sincere gratitude to Santhosh sir.

If you have a spark, just meet him once and set forth to a bright future.


  • South Indian Bank

Shortcuts Are Genuine

Hi friends,
Myself Poornima, a B-Tech degree graduate who never had any intentions of becoming a banker or to have a career in the banking sector. I got placed in an MNC during college placements, but I was not sure about joining an MNC. One of my friends mentioned about banking sector jobs and the merits of being a banker which led me to join CAMPUS in 2018. At first I was not sure about the institution since the entire coaching is being done by one person alone, Santosh Sir. Gradually I understood that the coaching methods done here is entirely different from the rest and the shortcuts taught here are genuine CAMPUS copyright protected.

At first I couldn’t qualify any of the exams I attempted, but Santosh Sir didn’t lose hope in me. He advised me to practice a lot of tests and the online CAMPUSKAYAMKULAM website helped me a lot to improve my scores. Sir always believed in me and he always said I will qualify within a year, even though it took more than a year he always believed in me. After qualifying the South Indian Bank examination, Santosh Sir’s interview coaching helped me to ace the interview too. Heartfelt thanks to him and CAMPUS for helping me to secure a job. Success comes only with hard work and determination as well as a little bit of patience.


  • South Indian Bank

Well Disciplined Study Culture

I,am sreejith frm kayamkulam ,btech in cse.After graduation banking was never on my tables and was intersted in jobs related to my field.But life is unpredictable. I got an opportunity for apprenticship in federal bank.That changed my intrsts. After 1yr of intrnship,i decided to prepare for bank jobs,also there was a great need for me to get a job and i chose this becz this is the only sector which hav maxim no. of recruitments in a calendr yr.
Campus institute has a well disciplned study culture which I believe was carefuly nurtured by my mentor Santhosh Sir.During initial days of my coachng ,i was least confidnt on subjetts like QA and LR as the qstns asked are always tricky.I didint had the required speed to do the problms, was least confident and clueless.But Sir's advice and direction kept my motivation up..Here we do daily bank tests both offline and online.I gradually began improving,all in all we practice more than 3000 qstns in a month.Here qstn pattern is always upto date following the latest trends.Whenevr i felt desprte aftr every failure i used to derive motivtn from his advice,that was the only source of my energy to move forwrd. Initialy I began to clear prelims exams but was not able to clear mains.But I continued practising regularly.Here we nevr stop practice no mattr how good we r in topics,becz only in this way our skills can be improved.This preparation was also very useful for govt jobs like ssc rlwy and psc.
During my journey to get a good decent job,i have faced numerous setbacks, got desperte,was exhausted and drained, but i never left the desire and determination to get a job.I believe it is the sincerity and determination that is required for passing such competitive exams.Bank tests are like cricket,u need to practice before every match no mattr how good batsman u are.It is 60% mind and 40% hardwork required to ensure succes in bank tests.
Finally with my hard work and determination i cleared south Indian bank examination and got selection as probationary clerk.I thank my parents and Santhosh sir for giving me the mental support and the advice.I believe there is much more to achieve in life and the journey continues.


  • South Indian Bank

Continuous Motivation

i am Silpa from Choonad. I completed B.Tech (EEE) in 2016. after my graduation, i was very confused about my future plans and i did some researches, and decided to try my luck in banking sector. i joined " Campus Kayamkulam" in 2017. during my initial days, i struggled a lot. But i didn't stop coaching and worked very hard. Continuous motivation from Santhosh sir increased my confidence level. And daily newspaper works, online-offline tests improved my voccabulary and speed. Recently i got a job in South Indian Bank as probationary clerk. I thank Santhosh sir and entire Campus team for the support and advice

Lakshmi G Nair

  • Canara Bank

Importance of Perseverance

I am Lakshmi from Kottayam. I cleared IBPS Clerk X and got selection in Canara Bank. After the completion of PG in 2018 I worked as an assistant professor in a pvt Engineering college. Within one month itself, I understood the job insecurity and salary fluctuations in a pvt firm. So I decided to quit the job. Compared to all other competitive exams bank exams procedures are fast and conducted in a time bound manner. So I started my bank exam preparations. But things weren't easy. Because the jobless chaotic situation always disappointed me. Even though in 2019 I could clear prelims of LIC Assistant and SBI Clerk failed miserably in mains. I felt that my self preparations weren't up to the level.

Then I joined Campus, Kayamkulam. It was a turning point in my life. The top brass of Campus, Santhosh sir was a miracle for me. His each words contained importance of perseverance. He always tries to fill self confidence in his students. He cared each and every student. Under his guidance I started to give more concentration on mains preparation. Since English and CA are the gamechangers, sir urged us to do newspaper works and CA notes. The student who may without mathematics background can make out their calculations easily with Sir's awesome quant tricks. In 2020,during pandemic times the preparations of aspirants all over India might be a question mark. But Santhosh sir hold our hands through virtual platforms and strict online mock test series and analysis sections made our heads up among lakhs of aspirants. Finally I could clear IBPS clerk. Thank you so much sir for your support in my struggles.

So dear friends, if you are looking for a coaching institution just go ahead with Campus without any second thought. From my experience, hard work will pay off. Try to be in the circle of good friends and positive thoughts because apart from all our hard works presence of mind also matters in exam hall.
I indebted to Campus and Santhosh sir for my success. I also extend my heartful thanks to God, parents, brother and my best friends...

Binulal G

  • Ministry Of Finance

No One Can Step Back

Myself Binulal, presently working in State Bank of India, Thrissur. I was joined in Campus on 01 November 2018 with an aspiration to be a banker. Before joining Campus for coaching, I had put up 20 years of service in Indian Air Force.
During the initial period itself it was felt that the age is a prime factor in learning. However with proper guidance and regular follow-up from Santhosh Sir, I gradually got into confidence and molded my mind to get ready to pas the upcoming exams.
At the end of the day, I achieved my dream and joined the SBI on 25th Jan 2021. In addition, I have cleared SSC exams such as MTS, CHSL and CGL-2018 & 2019.
From my personal experience, If some one set a goal and have a proper mentor like Santhosh Sir, no one can step back from achievements.

Reshma Gopalan

  • State Bank Of India

Individual Care

Hi,I am Reshma.I have completed my graduation in civil engineering.Now placed as junior associate in SBI.I joined Campus on March 2020. But unfortunately within few days lockdown declared and campus offline classes stopped ,as per government rules .It made me disappointed. but within 2 months Santhosh sr arranged online classes. It was actually a turning point.

Sr arranged live interactive sessions and evening practice section. Thus we got a real class room experience. The evening practice section helped me to improve in maths and reasoning and through this I could analyse my strengths and weakpoints. I realised the importance of current affairs and english in each competative exam from Campus. The strict daily newspaper works and current affairs works helped me to make improvement in both these sections. Moreover individual care, attention and motivating words from Santhosh sir gave me a strength and confidence.

I am very thankful to Campus and Santhosh sr for making my dream come true. Thankyou

Arun S

  • LIC

Timely Support

Happy to inform that I got selected to the largest public sector insursnce firm LIC for which the recruitment process was conducted by IBPS
It is my privilage to mention that I attained this wonderful position only because of "CAMPUS", whose systematic coaching , timely support and over and above proper guidance.

Being an average student, after passing B.Tech(civil), I thougt of joining an institution from where I can have progressive guidance and coaching towards my future. My friend suggested "CAMPUS Kayamkulam". And so many people suggested the same by adding successful candidates name. All were positive reviews. So I decided to join and the result is I beacame an officer in an organisarion like LIC within a span of 10 months coaching.

I place on record my thanks and gratitude towards the support, guidance and confidence given to me for the one and only "CAMPUS" team

Nayana Prasannan

  • Staff selection Commission

Be Sincere in Your Works

Myself Nayana Prasannan.P from Pullukulangara. I completed my BTech in ECE . Due to the instability of withstanding in IT profession my mom suggested me to join bank coaching and she herself choose campus .Firstly i was so surprised to see that the institution is fully managed by a single person,Santhosh sir.
I struggled a lot to adjust wit the new atmosphere.I never see such a sincere person ,who even spend his valuable time to check our newspaper works .That work improved me a lot more than i expect .Initially itz very difficult becoz a beginner reader needs a lot of time to understand it.By tightly holding the inspirational words of santhosh sir i tried everyday.Initially i take 4 or more hrs to read and write hindu but finally i can crack &smash it with in an hr.
There were moments of complete comma,fearing,tension if i couldnt even crack prelims,but sir always encouraged and he always told me that speed is an important factor and ma unwanted tension creates all this can be only acheived through constant practice .Sir finds time to interacts with each and every student.
The continuity of a pious process never ends in futility. The meandering course of a river makes it reach the destination despite obstacles.I sweat tremendously some face success easily but some taste failure despite shedding of incessant sweat .Sir always said that opportunities are ahead never lose hope on one result.So be positive & yourself for your goal. We should be intricacies of the challenge ahead & be prepared in all respects so that the roughness of the path is eased. Perseverance is one of the qualities that is capable to lead a person to heights. So be sincere to u and ur works.
Santhosh sir always pointed out that "Being responsible is the mark of a mature ,conscious person,but success also required risk taking,intuitive leaps,innovation and thinking widely".online platform of campus,newspaper works,class tests everything provided by sir improved and moulded me .Now i got selection in India Post. Itz the time to convey ma sincere gratitude to the almighty ,ma parents& Santhosh sir ,my friends and all especially once more a lot of thanks to sir who guided me and always blossom a dream to capture a central govt job.


  • Railways

The Best Place For You

Myself Sreeram from Chettikulangara . I completed B Tech(EEE) in 2017. As a part of campus placement I was recruited in a reputed MNC. But dream of being a Government employee made me join Campus kayamkulam. It was the first SSC batch.

Being a novice in competitive field at first I was a bit perplexed. But the advices and motivational talks of Santhosh sir gave us the strength to work hard by leaps and bounds. He has great skill in teaching and is a past master in mathematics classes. After few months of hard work the gala day came. Finally got appointed as 'Assistant Loco pilot' in Indian Railways.

I express my deep hearted gratitude to Santhosh sir. For those who are dreaming  Government job , the best place for you is here "Campus Kayamkulam."

Ans Mariya Joseph

  • Bank Of India

Friendly But Strict Atmosphere

I am Ans Mariya Joseph from Idukki. I remember the very first day I reached Campus. I was really confused. Being a fresh graduate I thought I would be joining my PG as all my friends did. But my aunt insisted on joining here. I have to move to this far place and for the first time away from home. These things worried me initially.

Gradually sir helped me a lot to get comfortable with the place. Sir gives a friendly but very strict atmosphere with a lot of motivation.I qualified many prelim exams but couldn't help my self with mains. But then I started realising that the reason for this is the lack of a will.

And finally I took a decision that I'm not going to leave this place with out a job. And this gave me the complete energy to work and forget all my insecurities. And finally got placed at Bank of India.
Thank you Sir and wishing you all the very best.


  • Railways

Technique to Crack

Hi ,
I'm Abhijith from kayamkulam .I completed my B.Tech ( ME) in 2017.I was preparing for govt. Jobs but could not accomplish my goals through self study. So I joined campus Kayamkulam on March 2018 upon receiving great reviews from friends.

From there Santhosh sir gave us proper guidance and technique to crack the the government exams. I joined campus for SSC exams but 2018 was not a good year for the SSC aspirants as no exams were conducted . Many of us where disappointed and wanted to leave the field but due to the motivation given by Santhosh sir, we all developed self confidence

Finally after attending 3 stages of Computer Based exams for RRB ALP, 14 campus students cleared the exams and after the long procedures of document verification ,and medical test the panel list was declared and offer letter was circulated. I got selected as pro ALP in Indian Railway at Bangalore division.

I thank Santosh sir for his support and finally I suggest my friends not to lose hope, it takes time to get a government job these days so sincerely work hard and keep your confidence high because hard work always pays off.


  • Railways

Teaching is Exceptional

My name is Gautham Narendran. I am from Charummoodu. I completed my Btech degree in Mechanical engineering. After completing my degree i decided to prepare for bank exam then i came to know about CAMPUS and Santhosh sir. I joined campus in 2017 October
The classes provided by Santhosh sir were too interesting and his way of teaching is exceptional. In his classes he always talks about central govt jobs and the advantages of being a central govt employee. At the end of 2017 he was about to start his first ever ssc batch in Campus. Then i decided to join the new SSC batch. Now i got a job in Indian Railways as Assistant Loco pilot.
I express my sincere thanks to Santhosh sir for guiding me through the right path and to my parents for supporting me. Dear friends if you are looking for a bank or govt job CAMPUS will be the best option for you


  • South Indian Bank

That Kept Me Going

I am a B.E graduate passed out in 2015 and since then I was trying hard to get a reputed job . I went for many jobs including IT jobs but none of them gave me job satisfaction .

It was then one of my friends suggested CAMPUS . At first I was not so confident about myself achieving a bank job . It was Santhosh Sir's motivation that kept me going . He not only taught us the portions but he gave me the drive to achieve something great in life . When ever we lose he revived us with great energy .
I am so thankful to sir and campus for helping me to achieve this milestone.


  • Kerala Gramin Bank

Perfect Option

I'm Reshmi Reghu. I'm a Btech graduate in Electronics and Communication. After completing my graduation, I had attended some software courses in Ernakulam. But after realizing IT field was not stable, I had decided to find a job in banking sector. I came to know about 'CAMPUS' from my friends and decided to join in March 2017. Well arranged practice tests provided in campus along with newspaper and magazine reading enhanced my confidence in attending competitive exams.I have finally qualified IBPS RRB OFFICE ASSISTANT 2018-2019 and got selected in Kerala Gramin Bank.
I express my sincere thanks to Santhosh Sir for his valuable support, God, my parents, my dearest husband and everyone who helped me to achieve this goal.
Dear friends, CAMPUS is the right and will be the perfect option for any aspirants looking to get a government job. Work smart, have faith and be persistent with your goal.Wishing you all the success.


  • Oriental Bank of Commerce

Proud To Say

I am a 2017 passed out BTech graduate in computer science and engineering. As we know about the work pressure and instability of IT jobs, I decided to aim for a stable government job. I started my preparation after the completion of my course. I joined Campus in March 2018. One of my neighbour suggested me Campus and that was a turning point in my life and now i got selected as PO in Oriental Bank of Commerce.
The guidance and support given by Santhosh sir helped me to achieve this job. He always motivated us. I have improved a lot in English section through regular newspaper work. I achieved good speed in reasoning and quant section only by taking daily Campus mock tests.
I am proud to say this is the best coaching institute for banking aspirants.


  • Bank Of Baroda

Rectifying Your Shortcomings

Hello friends, here I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Santhosh sir who has played an indispensable role in my life to achieve my goal. Initially I couldn’t cope up with the tests provided. Further, I couldn’t crack couple of exams and I was so disappointed.

Sir used to say “it is your sincerity that brings you a job”. I trusted him and decided to endure my work, rather revitalize it with full spunk. The pedagogue followed at Campus essentially rectifies the shortcomings in each student. Newspaper work revived my language as well as supplemented me with lexical resource.

My earnest adjuration to my friends is to follow sir’s instructions sincerely. I am extremely grateful to Santhosh sir and Campus. Thank you. All the best for your future.


  • Ministry Of Communication

Success Will Vanish My Mistakes

After completing my B-Tech Graduation I decided to seek job in banking sector. Then I wrote some bank exams and realised the necessity of proper guidance. At that time I heared about CAMPUS. I joined there with the intention of getting a job in Banking sector. But after joined CAMPUS I realised that through the coaching from CAMPUS one can attain not only bank jobs but also jobs like Railway,SSC,PSC Etc...
Daily Mock tests ,THE HINDU Newspaper reading that strictly reccomended by Santhosh Sir,online tests from CAMPUS App helped me to improve my performance a lot in my exams.
Sir gave us proper guidance about all Bank exams and govt.sector jobs. Sir advised us whatever to study and how to study to achieve these jobs. Thats why I even applied for vacancies in INDIA POST and many other Exams like that. I continued writing exams. Sometimes I cleared Prelims exams ,sometimes main exams. But I cant make it a final result as a job. So I continued my coaching and was writing all exams that Santhosh sir advised us to write.
Now I got selection in India post . "Everybody forgets all your failures and how much time you taken to succed when you won".This is the words of Santhosh Sir. I hope my success will vanish all my mistakes I did before.
Thank you so much Santhosh sir for your guidence till my success from the time I joined CAMPUS.


  • State Bank Of India

True in My Case

After completing my B Tech degree in Civil Engineering, it was due to my father's persuasion that I decided to prepare for bank exams. Initially I was disappointed with his decision as I always lacked patience even to sit in a place for more than half an hour. But my decision to join Campus Kayamkulam changed the whole thing. I joined the institution in June 2017 after receiving lots of positive feedback from known people.

Things started to change from then. My desire to attain a respectable job began to grow day by day. Thanks to Santhosh Sir, the central pillar of the institution. His unique teaching methods and preparation strategies helped most of his dedicated students to achieve their dream job. He always say one thing, "only your determination and hard work can fetch you a job" and it proved to be true in my case.


  • Ministry Of Communication

Worth The Wait

After completing my graduation, I had planned to get a job in the banking sector instead of doing my post graduation. While looking up for a coaching institute, one of my friends suggested to join Campus, Kayamkulam. It was through Santhosh sir, the all in all of the Campus, that I first heard about the SSC exams and sir asked me to choose the SSC coaching over the bank coaching, although I was unsure about the same.

But, later on, after knowing more about the exam pattern and the classes, study materials that I got, I was determined. With constant motivation and support, I was able to pass almost all the SSC exams including SSC CHSL 2018, SSC CHSL 2019(results awaiting),SSC CGL 2018(tier1, tier2, tier3), SSC CGL 2019(results awaiting), SSC steno 2018(prelims), SSC steno 2019(prelims). Due to the Covid pandemic, exams got delayed and when the results lagged even more, I was depressed.
At last, when the results came after a longing of almost 2 years, I was able to secure my first job in the Department of Post through SSC CHSL 2018, but I believe it was worth the wait.I am forever grateful that I got the proper guidance here at Campus to crack these competitive examinations.


  • Ministry Of Finance

How Long I Could Come There...

A pupil with below average academic performance, who made it through a SAY exam for Maths in Plus Two and took 7 years to complete BA History- this is how I would assess myself as a student. Though the impetus to get a government job was given by my father at the early stage itself that never made an impact on the carefree mind of that time. As life progressed the demand for a job grew bigger. Since I was not willing to go abroad I took up a job as a Sales Executive in an FMCG company. That gave me a sufficient income for the time being. The hectic job character which gave me no leisure time compelled me to rethink about a govt. job. Then I joined a night class but I couldn’t get a relaxed mind to study after the work. So I resigned the job and joined at Campus.

I asked Santhosh sir how long I could come there, he said “Till you get a job”. The makeshift appearance of the institute first repelled me. On second thoughts a question roused in my mind, if such a huge number of candidates are coming to this place there must be a reason. Santhosh sir helped me to change the way I approached Maths. My friends there helped me a lot. Even though I cleared Tier-I of some exams I could not make it to the final list of any. I realized that getting a job was going to take longer than I thought. Santhosh sir instilled in us the enthusiasm for a govt. job when we were dampened.

Then came the pandemic which made things more difficult. Covid ruined the plans of every job aspirants and took away the precious time of their career. It threw me out of the keenly maintained learning schedule. Although, the earlier efforts paid off. I got into the final list of SSC MTS and got selected into Income Tax. Hoping that this would give me a new start. I wish to thank Santhosh sir and my friends at Campus.

Athira Kaladhar

  • State Bank of India

Cracked in First Attempt

I have been selected as SBI JA 2021. I can say my decision to quit my job as Asst. Professor and join bank coaching was a risk worth taking. But, I am terribly in need for a govt. job. Joining campus online classes during this pandemic was my best decision. I was able to crack SBI JA within a year and it was my first attempt, and considering my age, I have only one chance to left. Not only providing excellent online classes, but also giving motivation to reach my destination.

Campus is undoubtedly the best institution in Kerala, an aspirant can join to pursue their dream of becoming a banking professional. I got the best English, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, Current affairs classes from Santosh sir, which is very crucial for me to crack any exam. Campus always provides me with new pattern question papers and daily mock tests that include both complex prelims and mains sections which help me to analyse, improve and prepare myself according to the changing demands of examination. Campus own app, campsure, makes me to acquire accuracy and speed. I am extremely proud to say that campus and Santhosh sir has done a tremendous job for achieving a job in a very reputed bank like SBI.

Reshma Raveendran

  • State Bank of India

Coaching Standard is Excellent

I got selected as SBI Junior associate. Campus  is the best coaching institute and the right place for aspirants looking for a career in banking sector. The coaching standards followed by the institute under the leadership of Santhosh sir is excellent. The speed and accuracy which I got from here totally changed my confidence in Quantitative Aptitude. When the efforts from my side tallied with the supports of Santhosh sir my dream to become a banker become fulfilled. I would love to say to all banking aspirants if you can put a little bit of your time there, rest of your time would be in any of these national banks.


  • State Bank of India

The Confidence injected To Me....

I am an ex serviceman from Chettikulangara. It was indeed a very hard decision for me to take retirement from defence services and try for a second innings in civil while the entire world was suffering from hardships caused by the first wave of Covid 19 pandemic. However I made my mind and retired from service on August 2020. At that time I was totally unaware of what to study and how to study to secure another job. That confusion spoiled another four months. Then I decided to prepare for banking exams. The search for an efficient and reliable coaching centre in the locality led me to Campus academy. Interaction with Santhosh sir on the day of admission lasted for only 15 minutes due to the restrictions prevailed then. But all I can say now is that the confidence he injected to me in such a very short time period has helped me to clear the SBI and SSC exams (CGL & CHSL)within a year of joining Campus.

He conducted our classes in online mode. The classes were managed in such a manner that I never felt any shortcoming in comparison with offline classes. I am very sure that the classes, study materials and mock tests he provided are sufficient to crack any competitive examination. The teaching skills of sir gradually changed my way of approaching questions in quants and reasoning. He taught us how to solve problems in a smart way which increased speed and accuracy. The news paper works, which I feel one of the highlights of training in Campus, helped me a lot to improve my vocabulary and reading skills. All I want to say to the new aspirants is that join Campus with a sincere wish and a dedicated mind to obtain your dream job. Like the past many years, Santhosh sir and Campus will definitely direct you to the victory stand. I am expresssing my sincere gratitude to Santhosh sir and Campus academy.


  • State Bank of India

Helped Me To Face Each Failure

Right after my graduation, I was looking for a banking job and the most challenging part of it was finding a good institute which would take me to achieve my goal.Then I came to know about Santhosh sir and CAMPUS from one of my friends.In the initial stage with the help of Santhosh sir I gained knowledge in the syllabus and the way we need to approach a competitive exam.Then i started clearing prelims exam while the biggest challenge was to clear the mains exam. My weakest part was English and sir helped to recover from that part through his proper guidelines.

Covid posed another challenge as most of the exams were postponed.In all these situation through his continuous support and motivation. Santhosh sir helped me to face each failure and always urged to me work even harder and these were the stepping stones to my success.I would always suggest Campus as the best place for anyone who wishes to see themselves in a respectable position and also as a successful person in life.

Athira MS

  • State Bank of India

Very Particular and Planned

I joined campus in January 2021 , the very first interaction with Santhosh Sir made me realise I was at the right place to crack a government examination.When everything was regaining pace amidst COVID, Sir helped me to prepare for the examination via online platform. Sir, was very particular and planned about what and how to teach and guide us. Speed maths , the daily and weekly works helped me improve step by step . Focus on newspaper and current affairs works help us gain confidence in English and Current Affairs section.Through the application Campusure , sir provided a pool of previous year and model question paper for prelims and mains. Online classes provided were interactive and the way test series were approached help one evaluate the weaker and stronger section.

CAMPUS helped me achieve a job in SBI as Junior Associate.With proper guidance, consistency and smart work one can crack any competitive examination and CAMPUS is one such place to opt for . I would urge those who seriously focus on cracking government examination to join CAMPUS .


  • Assistant Manager, State Bank Of India

Follow a Systematic Approach to Gain Success

Myself Geethanjali G. I always wanted to be in a place where I am proud of myself. After completing my B.Tech and MBA I started preparing for bank exams. But something was a miss.. I couldn't even clear the prelims.

Then one day when I was taking driving classes I happen to meet one former student of Campus. She told me about the institution and I decided to join and it was the right decision. Due to COVID 19 we had online classes and it was a boon because I got the daily dose of motivation from Santhosh sir through his talks in between classes  that helped dispel all the negativity and to feel strong and stay on track. Then when offline classes started it was a full fledged journey that helped me tackle how to crack exams. I started qualifying prelims but had to face failure again since I lost mains by margins.

But Campus had instilled upon me the courage to fight and so I stayed on and finally I got selected in SBI as a probationary officer. You always need the resilience to face what you fear. It is also equally important to get the proper guidance and to follow a systematic approach to gain success.


  • Assistant Manager, Bank Of Maharashtra

Dream at the Age of 22 Years

I'm Greeshma from Kaunagappally. I'm a BSc Physics graduate. After graduation, I decided to prepare for bank exams. My sister's friend who cleared SBI Clerk exam from Campus Study Centre suggested me this institute. So I joined in June 2022 and started my preparation under proper guidance and support from Santhosh Sir. I qualified IBPS PO prelims exam in my first attempt and that too, in the 5th month after I joined the classes. By God's grace, I then qualified mains as well as interview and I'm currently appointed as a Probationary Officer in Bank of Maharashtra. The mock test given and the excellent materials provided here helped me in enhancing my speed and accuracy in exams. Also, the shortcuts and effective methods that he taught us helped me a lot to crack the exam. No words to express my gratitude towards Campus Study Centre and Santhosh Sir who helped me pursue my dream at the age of 22.

Sruthy R

  • IT Officer, Bank Of India

Memorable Day in My Life

Today will be the most memorable day in my life. I'm feeling proud of myself. Because, I'm writing this from prestigious Bandra Kurla Complex in Mumbai, the economical hub of india. I'm here to join as an IT officer in Bank of India.

At this moment I would like to express my gratitude to a dynamic personality, Mr Santhosh sir, all in all of Campus bank coaching centre. He is not only a teacher for us, but also a motivator, mentor and an influencer. He teaches us how to think, learn and solve.

Thank you Campus for all the inspiring lessons and support which mapped me to my goal. Thank you again and again.....


  • Income Tax Department

After One Year Itself

Joining campus was one of the best decision I have ever taken. We were 5 people from same college joined Campus for SSC coaching back in 2018 when there was not much awareness about SSC job opportunities. I can proudly say that all five of us have got jobs including SBI, Ministry of Statistics, Foreign Affairs and Railway.

I took three years to get a job while all others joined central government jobs after one year itself. Sir encouraged me to continue my studies and to never give up. After 3 years I got two appointments one from Income Tax Department as MTS and another from Indian Railway. Maths, English & GK  classes at Campus were excellent. It helped me a lot. I always went to exams without any preparation for Maths. I followed all the texts which sir suggested and it was more than enough.


  • Assistant Manager, Kerala Gramin Bank

Available at Anytime for Support

I'm Nandana from Changanasserry, a student of Campus Kayamkulam. I am a 2014 engineering graduate who decided to prepare for upsc exams back then. After a few futile attempts, I realized it would be better to switch to something which would fetch me the desired results. While exploring multiple options I got to know from a friend of mine that bank exams have the fastest recruitment process plus offer a stable career. My friend herself was a student of Campus and got selected in Canara bank as PO in 2017 with just 2 months of training at campus. She told me Santhosh sir would be the best person who can guide me through this journey and she was spot on.
I will never forget my first day at campus. I joined campus in Nov 2018. By meeting Santhosh sir I realized how right my friend was. He is the best mentor an aspirant can ever get. Since I was weak at maths I was doubtful of myself and expressed my concern to sir. Sir said if I consistently follow his instructions and attend the classes without fail, I will be able to do the math without pen paper. I followed sir blindly and got drastic improvements within a few months. I could clear all preliminary exams except rrb po & sbi po in 2019. But didn't get any desired result in mains that year because I didn't cover current affairs regularly as sir had suggested.
2019 was the last year I could give clerical exams because of my age. So I decided to give my best shot in 2020 but the pandemic has turned everything upside down. Exams were delayed due to the lockdown. But santhosh sir started online classes and motivated us to practice consistently under his guidance. The only exams I could give in 2020 were IBPS PO & SBI PO( zero RRB PO vacancies were reported in Kerala that year). I gathered up my courage to perform well this time but tested covid positive a few weeks before the exams so couldn't get any positive outcomes in 2020 also. I was devastated at that time because 2021 would be my last chance to give IBPS PO. 2021 was also an unsuccessful year for me because the pressure to perform well was huge due to the age constraint. I was on the verge of giving up but then RRB PO 2022 notification came out. Vacancies were low in Kerala but I decided to give my best and grab the selection, no matter hard it is. I didn't want to lose my last chance to pressure so tried to maintain composure. Finally, on January 1st 2023 I got selected as RRB PO(in Kerala Gramin bank) and landed my dream job at the last chance.

I owe my success to Campus and Santhosh sir, to stand by me and push me whenever required. To face the cut-throat competition one needs to have personalized guidance which many institutions don't offer. Here is the uniqueness of campus. Sir will be available anytime for the support we need and will provide personalized strategies according to our strengths and weaknesses. His methods are so effective that even though I studied in a Malayalam medium school, I could make English my strongest subject. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to campus and Santhosh sir. I strongly recommend campus to all aspirants who are serious to grab a bank/government job.

Jyothish Mavelikkara

  • Satation Master, Railway

Introduced Countless Opportunities

I joined Campus Study Centre towards the end of 2018. The institute introduced me to  countless opportunities in Central Government Services including Railways and SSC.  The detailed study material, informative classroom sessions and practice tests proved to be very helpful. In a journey marred by the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent delay, I got selected as UDC in Atomic Minerals Directorate(6th Rank-All India) and Station Master in Southern Railway-- coincidentally the first job I had applied for after joining Campus. Thanks to the motivation and guidance I received at Campus Study Centre, today, I am proudly serving in the Indian Railways.


  • Station Master, Railway

The Satisfaction of Improving Yourself

The satisfaction of improving yourself, the discovery of capabilities you possess gives wonderful feeling in life, that's what I got from Campus with the help of Santhosh sir and my dear colleagues. Nothing to say more, all I want to share to aspirants is that Campus provides you the atmosphere of improving your capabilities to crack the exams. All that you want is just believe in yourself, practice daily and pray to god.


  • Karnataka Bank

I Had a Big Dream

Hi I am Malavika from Alappuzha a student of Campus, Kayamkulam.... I had a big dream after SSLC that I want to become a bank employee.. I seen myself as a bank employee 10 years before at that time.. But i was not sure that I could achieve.. In campus selection in my college i cleared written test and failed in group discussion..... Then I decided to join  bank coaching... One of my senior told me about Campus in Kayamkulam.... When i was met Santhosh sir. I was motivated more from his speech... The interest of me in banking sector will increased...... Then one and half years i continued the coaching... In pandemic times I attended online class also.... I was very weak in mathematics because I am a commerce student... But the classes  of Santhosh sir was most effective for me.. More tricks and tips are gathered from Santhosh sir, that all were very useful to me....Now I am a bank employee ( clerk of Karnataka bank ) only because of the continuos motivation and follow up of Santhosh sir....... My dream job is now in my hands... I am very happy now because of God blessing, my parents support and guidance of Santhosh sir.... Joining  Campus institution was  a turning point of my life.


  • Assistant Manager, Federal Bank

Evening Question-Answer Session

After completing my M Sc  I joined Campus, Kayamkulam for Bank coaching. When Santhosh Sir said everyone has to solve aptitude problems without using pen, I got surprised in first day. Then by daily coaching I improved my reasoning and aptitude solving skills. Within in 1-2 months I became able to solve questions without using pen. Hindu News paper reading session and the followed preparation of daily current affairs from it geared up my reading ability and the evening question-answer session from Hindu newspaper improved my current affairs knowledge.

After 4 months,  our country goes lockdown due to COVID-19. During that time also, I could do my coaching with the Test series updated in  Online Campus App facility. In between I joined TCS and my preparations went down, but from the base that got from Santhosh Sir's classes helped me to clear bank exam. From my experience Campus is the right place for  bank aspirant. With hard work and proper guidance and motivation one can achieve his dreams. For that Campus  is the best Institution.



I Was Not Ready To Give Up

I  joined CAMPUS after my graduation in 2016 and cleared my 1st prelims just after 4 months of practice there .That was happened because of the regular test papers and quicker methods for approaching each questions provided by Santhosh Sir. I was regular at class and so I could clear all the prelims but couldn't crack the mains. In every failures Santhosh Sir motivated me a lot and encouraged me for upcoming exams. In 2018 I could clear RRB PO mains,but missed the final cut off by just 1.15 marks. After that I couldn't continue my preparation for 2 years. But I never quit my longing for a job. When I started coaching again,the Covid scenario interrupted and I had lost another 2 years. But I was not ready to give up. While CAMPUS reopens, I have started again and Sir inspired and motivated me with the words " you will win this year". Yes,that words come true. Now I am selected in ESI Corporation within 4 months after CAMPUS reopens. It becomes possible not only because of my hard work, but also with the lessons that I have learned 4 years ago. That classes, question papers and right advices are the base of my victory.


  • Ministry of Defence, BSF

Surprised By My Improvement

After my post graduation I was planning to do an instrumentation course but I had to wait 8 months for its enrolment. At that time it was the best decision that I decided to join Campus for my SSC preparation to make the time fruitful. The excellent study materials and the proper guidance of Santhosh sir made me to drop my previous plan and to stay there. By following their methods I was really surprised by my own improvement.

His way of solving aptitude and reasoning problems helped me a lot. I joined Campus by oct 2022 and I could clear SSC GD Examination within 4 months and got my appointment letter by sep 2023.I am very thankful to Santhosh sir that if I hadn't came to campus I wouldn't have achieved this job in such a short period of time.

SUSMITHA Malappuram

  • Ministry of Defence, Girls Cadet Instructor

Mock Tests Helped Me A Lot

I came to know about Campus SSC and bank coaching classes while I was searching for the best SSC coaching institute in Kerala. One of my friends who cleared the bank exam suggested Campus, and I joined there during Corona time, and the classes were online. Classes were really great.

Santhosh sir is very knowledgeable, and sir's teaching methods were really good. Sir made us practice mind calculations for solving quants and made us prepare daily, weekly, and monthly CA, which is very important for competitive exams. And mock tests were conducted regularly, which helped me a lot.

I could clear the SSC Phase IX Selection Posts Examination 2021 under his guidance. I strongly recommend Campus for those who are searching for a good institute for SSC and bank coaching.


  • Food Corporation of India

Really Happy To Be A Part It

My name is Surya, from Haripad. It was in 2019 that I started preparing for the bank exams. At first, like most of the aspirants, I too had problems with the syllabus. But gradually I realized what's my strength and what's my weak point after taking few mocks. The guidance given by Santhosh sir through out my journey keeps me motivated.

Attended multiple exams, passed prelims but failed in the mains. But I didn't lose the hope. Started making time table and followed it. And finally got selected to Food Corporation of India. The journey wasn't a  smooth one. But in the end it's all worth it. Thank you sir. I'm really happy to be a part of Campus

ANJALI RAJ Krishnapuram

  • Administrative Assistant, Indian Institute of Science , Bangalore

Ended Up In India's Top University

I joined Campus after my graduation. After a few months of training I started qualifying prelims  but unfortunately end up in mains.In every failures Santhosh sir stood up with me and motivated  for the upcoming exams. He points out what went wrong and guides me in the right track. I followed his words and able to clear IBPS PO mains exam. But I could not make it to final selection.

After that the covid  scenario affected my coaching and I had lost almost 2 years. When the class reopens I started again and Sir was always there and his positive vibe inflict  a power inside me. I cleared IBPS PO but unfortunately not selected as I was short of point 5 marks. But I never give up my urge for a job.

One day sir posted a job vacancy in the whats app group and I had applied for the same. I had no hope for the same, but surprisingly I got selected in  IISc Bengaluru as Administrative Assistant. I had never thought of such a job in such a reputed institution. It's like a dream come true moment. I started working for a bank job but now I ended up in  India's top university. This achievement was only because of Santhosh sir. Thanks for his teaching methods,motivation and support. As per my experience campus is the right place for a job aspirant. If you are willing to work hard, if you have perseverance in acquiring a job Santhosh sir and Campus is there. 

Ragesh Raju

  • Ministry of Home Affairs, CRPF

Starting From The Scratch

Hello, I am Ragesh. R, A student of campus. It was a year ago I had joined campus to achieve my goals and I was not mistaken it was one of my best decisions to join campus.

Campus is a place where which will help you to start from the scratch. Since i had prepared little by my own joining Campus doubled my concepts and ideas. And Santhosh Sir is really a  person who takes responsibility for us more than we take. He helped me in every part of  my journey. Especially the English work on Campus changed my perspective of learning English. And I guess no other institute will provide this much time for maths and Sir even give us few minutes to find answer without pen which i really felt effective during exam time..

The amount of materials in Campus is huge and I guess that will be sufficient upto a 80-90%. Finally all I had to say is Work harder and if you are not a self study person surely you can pursue for coaching in Campus and will be worth.

Sujith PS Haripad

  • EPFO SSA, IB Assistant , Bank Of Maharashtra

Trying Hard In The Right Direction Will Make You Success

Myself Sujith from Alappey and I am an retired soldier from Indian Army, thus called as ex servicemen... Usually like all other ex servicemen taking an early retirement from Indian Army was my own decision because of the burden on my shoulders and for the betterment of my future... But i was aware that taking an early retirement at the age of 35 is a crucial step... Still, I was adamant that i need to take the retirement.
The day arrived, and i got retired... After sometime i came to know that the road in front of me to get an another job is ferociously hard and to pursue my dreams is not gonna be easy... I was seeking for help from here and there, I started preparing for the exams through some online apps and contents, but didn't worked because of the gap... One of my colleague suggested CAMPUS and there i met Santosh Sir... Such a wonderful person he is...
I still remember the day i started my journey, he said Sujith there will be lot of staggering situations, you have to go through tough times, but at the end of the day if u r driven enough u will find yourself in the right direction... Be strict to the content what I give and do all the works I says...
Here I am, because of the determination and hard work through a right direction led by Santosh sir, i have cleared my way... All i am saying trying hard wont make you success, trying hard in the right direction will make you success... And one can take that right direction through CAMPUS... Be adamant for the success, success will follow you... For that success i strongly and firmly suggest CAMPUS... All the best for everyone...

Aparna Pankaj Kayamkulam

  • UCO Bank

I Too Had A Bad Time In The Beginning

I am Aparna pankaj. I got selected as Junior Associate (2023-24)at Federal Bank and UCO Bank. GD and Interview is a many apart from the test. Santhosh sir has given many mocks for preparation which increased my confidence and chances in final selection. I take this opportunity to thank Santhosh sir and Campus institution for believing in my abilities and helping me achieve my dream.

          I joined Campus in 2022 right after completing my graduation (Bsc Chemistry) through a family friend who is currently working as a clerk in Central bank. I was clear in my mind that I didn't want to join for PG and banking has always been my top career priority. When I joined the course, initially I too had struggles in doing the quant and reasoning part but sir's guidance  helped me to overcome it. Sir personally reaches out to every student and motivates us to work harder. Campus offers well guided Quant , Reasoning and English classes where sir teaches us short cuts and logical ways to solve questions rather than following the routine formula methods . It has helped me a lot in improving my quant ability and saved my time in exams. 

Another striking quality of Campus is sir offers us excellent English classes where he prefers to teach us exam oriented short cuts in tackling the wrong options rather than simply taking grammar classes. 

Above all I would say it's the volume of work sir gives you makes you stand out. We will have daily tests( prelims+ mains) in the morning and afternoon sessions which helped me in improving my scores but one should be consistent and patient. Then the homeworks like writing the  newspaper summary helped me to get good scores in English and improved my vocabulary as well.The most significant part of mains exams is CA session and we have works like CA quiz and detailed notes preparation and sir regularly asks questions from CA while checking our home work which has helped me a lot in memorising the CA portions. 

      Everyone has our own struggles, I too had a bad time in the beginning where I qualified certain prelims exams but could not make it to the final selection but there is no point in getting depressed instead try to learn from our mistakes and move on. Work hard with your sheer passion and don't get distracted by anything until you achieve what you have come for.

    I would say not going for PG and joining Campus institution was one of the best decisions in my life.

Athira Santhan Manappally

  • Junior Statistical Officer

Constant Support

After my graduation I joined campus for ssc preparation. Initially, it was new and difficult. But with thorough guidance and daily practice , I got selected as JSO (SSC-CGL). I express my sincere gratitude to Santhosh sir for being the constant support . Last but not the least , I will always be grateful for the memories.

Thank you, CAMPUS .

Sonu Omanakuttan Nooranad

  • Ministry Of Communications

Right Place For SSC Aspirants

After completing my Btech graduation, I joined Campus, Kayamkulam for SSC coaching and cleared CHSL. When Santhosh Sir said everyone has to solve aptitude problems without using pen, I got surprised in first day. Then through daily coaching I improved my reasoning and aptitude solving skills. Within in 3 months I became able to solve questions without using pen. Classes are also given by Santhosh Sir in weekends  for improving the General Knowledge. Sir suggested suitable textbooks for improving English language and general knowledge.

 Hindu News paper reading session and the followed prepartion of daily current affairs from it geared up my reading ability and the evening question-answer session from Hindu newspaper improved my current affairs knowledge. Individual performance assessment will also be done during the evening session.

When the country got locked down during COVID-19, I could do my coaching with the Test series updated in  Online Campus App facility and could improve Language and GK by reading  textbooks suggested.

After the first lockdown, I wrote Tier 1 examination of CHSL-19. With the proper guidance and online interaction I could perform well in the exam and selected as Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant. The online test series provided in Campus App helped me to self evaluate my performance.

From my experience Campus is the right place for an SSC aspirant. With hardwork and proper guidance and motivation one can achieve his dreams. For that Campus  is the best Institution.

Sruthi Murali Cheriyanadu

  • State Bank of India

You Wait, One Day I Will Come

I'm Sruthi Muraleedhara Kurup, from Cheriyanad, Alappuzha. I did Btech in Civil engineering and Mtech in Geoinformatics. I have started thinking about my career in banking in 2021 after many failures in various govt competitive exams. 

My 1st bank exam was IBPS PO, which I cleared prelims with ease but couldn't qualify mains. That's when I was pregnant with my son and it was peak COVID time, I was literally stuck inside my room. I started attempting mocks and learning some tricks in quants and reasoning from YouTube. Then on, I cleared almost all the prelims, but cracking mains was still out of my reach. 

It was in April 2022, when the interview results of SIB came, I once again failed, that's when I realised I need some guidance or else I'll loose this year's opportunities also. I asked my family if it's ok for me to go for some offline classes. They supported me, encouraged me to study harder. Especially my mother, she said not to worry about my 7 month old son, she will take care of him while I'm away, that's the kind of support I needed that time and I straight away called Santhosh Sir and told him that I wanted to join in Campus. He asked my background, my weak points and guided me in the right way from that day onwards. Since I was already preparing for bank exams and wanted to extend my preparation to SSC as well, I opted for SSC coaching in Campus.

At first I received a combined (SSC + Bank) training in reasoning and aptitude after that focus was mainly in GK and English preparation. Daily morning mocks of Campus was a life saver. The modules Sir gave everyday literally cleared all the basic doubts and helped to improve speed and accuracy. The newspaper work Sir designed was as good as for UPSC preparation, it helped me a lot in grasping what's happening around me, it boosted my confidence. After few months of this daily exercise, I began to notice that I was improving in every section. Once again I cleared all the prelims of 2022, not only bank exams but also other exams like SSC CGL, SSC JE, FCI, IARI, SSC stenographer and so on. But my main challenge was clearing the mains, sir asked me to spend time in attending mocks of mains exams of SSC and Bank on alternate days since I was preparing for both exams, and provided me with right suggestions at right times. That student centric approach tailored to meet each students' need separatly is the unique aspect of Campus. 

I cleared mains of IBPS CLERK, IBPS PO, SBI CLERK, SBI PO and INDIAN BANK SO. I appeared for the interview of all the PO/SO posts and the current affairs preparation helped me a lot. Sir also gave mock interviews to boost my confidence. I cleared IBPS PO interview and got opted in Central Bank. Right now I joined in SBI as Junior Associate in my district itself, started enjoying my life, happy to settle down in my home town. When many are struggling to find a job I feel honoured to work in such an elite as well as public sector institution near my home. I am waiting for the results of many other exams in the mean while and still preparing for other prestigious exams with Campus.

I can't thank enough for the support and guidance that Campus has provided which helped me to crack not just one but many of the exams and gave me an option to choose my career rather that settle for one. When society finds reasons to put you down its you who have to burn those reasons and fight back to stay motivated and achieve your dream. Every day while going to Campus I used to look at Mavelikkara SBI and tell that You wait, I'll come one day, and today on 20th of April 2023, I joined as Junior Associate at the same office, that's when I realised that, if you desire for something so badly you will achieve it one day for sure.